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Crystal Jade Stone: Meaning and Properties


The jade gemstone has been providing wisdom, tranquility and guidance since the time of ancient civilisations. The allure of this mysterious stone has attracted princesses, priests and peasants to its guiding properties for thousands of years. Jade power can assist you in many walks of life.


If you're looking to release negative thoughts and carve yourself a path to positive thinking and personal success, the jade stone may just be the one for you. If you're considering acquiring a jade crystal to help nourish your soul and your intellect, read on to find out the meaning, properties, and powers behind this ancient and celebrated stone. 



Jade Crystal Meaning


As mentioned, the jade crystal meaning has its roots in ancient times. Known colloquially as the "emperor's stone", crystal jade first came into use as a royal gem over 3000 years ago, during the height of China's Han Dynasty. Then, as now, the stone had powerful associations with wisdom, with court scholars and high priests wearing it to denote their status as educated members of the royal household. Just as importantly, one of the key jade properties was believed to be protection. Armour and weapons were frequently forged out of jade, with the belief that doing so would protect those who wore it from injury and death. 


These associations live on today. The spellbinding green hue is still widely associated with wisdom and creativity, and the connotations of ancient Chinese civilization are strong. Jade stones are among the most highly sought-after gems in existence, as they are thought to have a powerful connection to the heart chakra, promoting harmony between the mind, body, and spirit. Green jade is thought to belong to the planet Mercury, which helps explain its strong connection to rationality, reason, and productive thinking patterns. 


It should also be noted that there are other types of jade gemstone, each with their own distinctive meanings and associations. White jade is aligned with the Libra zodiac and is associated more with problem-solving and the filtering out of negative thoughts. Another popular form of jade is blue jade, which is associated with peace and self-reflection, thought to be ideal for promoting visions and dreams.


Crystal Jade Properties


Crystal jade properties are as diverse as they are useful. It serves as your rock in every sense of the word. As the calm at the centre of a storm, jade stones are best applied to those going through a particularly chaotic or confusing time in their life. Jade is an oasis of calm, a gem that can provide clarity and serenity at a time when it feels you are losing control or are struggling to make sense of your situation. One of the key jade stone benefits is its ability to balance not only your mind but also your nerves. If you're feeling particularly anxious or nervous about something in your life, the soothing properties of jade will provide stabilisation and help you make sense of your feelings. 


Another one of the key jade healing properties relates to longevity. Jade was once associated with immortality, and while it may not be able to directly increase your lifespan, it may provide you with the clarity and rationality to make wiser choices when it comes to your personal health. Its associations with youth and beauty are the reason that it is used in anti-ageing creams and serums to this very day.


You will likely discover that the peace and tranquility jade offers will leave you feeling refreshed, which, in turn, will have a positive effect on the way people perceive you. Don't be surprised if friends and family suddenly start to comment on how much younger and more energetic you appear when you start using crystal jade.


Other Uses of the Jade Gemstone


Jade power extends well beyond these purposes. It is thought of as a protective stone, defending the wearer from predatory external forces. It is for this reason that jade is just as popular as a lucky charm as it is for healing crystals. Given its strong associations with serenity and balance, jade also finds many uses within Feng Shui. Those looking to create to harmonious living space will often use jade decorations, ornaments, and furniture to direct a positive flow of energy throughout their home.


When placing jade in the home for good Feng Shui, it is believed that it should never be placed in the northern or southern areas of the home, as it belongs to the Earth element. Additionally, jade decorative items should always take the form of the appropriate symbols. Jade Mandarin ducks are most popular, due to their strong associations with love energy, but jade flower carvings are also encouraged, as they will help direct the flow of positive energy that is exuded by this ancient crystal. 


Beyond the realm of spirituality, jade has found a place for itself as an elite status symbol, particularly in the West. Imperial jade is the finest, most flawless jade known to man, with jewellery items made from it often selling for thousands of pounds. Jade's popularity as an elite status symbol began in earnest in 18th-century Britain and France, when trade links to the east were first being established and all things Chinese were in vogue. Fortunately, most jade healing crystals are very affordable. 


Jade is above all, a soothing crystal. Those looking for balance, peace of mind and calm in their hectic lives should consider this precious stone to help give them the positive energy they need to make sense of things and begin building towards a more stable and prosperous future.


Published: 10 April 2019

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