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Embrace Your Intuition

What is the intuitive meaning and how can intuition give us the greatest guidance in life?

All of us have intuition. It is nature’s way of helping us to be forewarned, forearmed or just simply feel ‘in the know’ in life. Intuition is also known as instinct, a sixth sense, a gut instinct or a gut feeling and it plays a part in helping us know something or make decisions. Women are generally believed to have a stronger intuition than men and studies show that this is because women are more empathic, meaning that they are linked more to their emotions and will make decisions based on a combination of what they are feeling and what they are thinking.
Studies suggest that our gut feeling is actually right 95% of the time…


In psychology and scientific research, intuition is believed to be a way in which we can make decisions faster by connecting with how we feel, rather than thinking something through in a logical way which may take longer. Studies and research have not yet come up with a reliable test that proves intuition exists because access to this part of the brain is near impossible. However, it is a subject that fascinates researchers as intuitive meaning becomes more widely known for being one of the strongest and most reliable resources of decision making that many of us believe in. Intuition encourages people to think with their instincts, creating a trustworthy ‘inner knowledge’ that helps them to know how to respond or react in a situation. Indeed, studies suggest that our gut feeling is actually right 95% of the time. How many times have you not gone with your intuition and regretted it afterwards? Researchers believe that an intuitive feeling is an influence of ‘non-conscious emotional information’ from the body or the brain.
Focus on what is going on in your mind and mentally throw out negative thoughts…


Although most of us can rely on our intuition to make decisions or get a feeling about a person or situation, there are times when it may not always be right. This is usually because of outside or emotional influences that create a barrier to our natural awareness. If you are going through an emotional or traumatic time, there can be too much going on which creates a fog between what is true reality and what is not, slightly numbing your natural senses. Intuition can get clouded and you may think what could be a gut feeling, may actually be an extreme emotional reaction to what you are going through which isn’t right. There are some self-help methods that you can use to connect with your intuitive emotions:
FOCUS: Give yourself some space and sit quietly somewhere on your own. Focus on what is going on in your mind and mentally throw out negative thoughts that are not helpful. Writing your worries and concerns down on paper sometimes helps you to eliminate what is real and what is not.
MEDITATE: If your mind is so busy that you cannot switch off then meditation will help you to empty your thoughts and release anxiety, inner conflict and emotions. Meditation is often used by psychics who have a heightened intuition, connecting them strongly with their intuition in their readings.
MINDFULNESS: Mindfulness encourages you to think in the here and now, guiding you to not be anxious about the future and reminding you that you can’t change the past. It makes you aware of what you are feeling emotionally, freeing negativity and allowing positivity to come in.
BREATHING: Breathing exercises help you to focus on your breath. Taking regular deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth, brings an inner calm and connects you with your intuition.
Start to trust what you are feeling…


The best way to increase your intuition is to start listening to your gut feeling. Similar to optimism, intuition can be nurtured and refined, building a stronger link between your heart and your mind. Start to trust what you are feeling and if you find this difficult, begin with small things such as who is calling when the phone rings. If something pops in to your mind when you are talking to a friend, tell them what you thought and see what happens. You will discover that once you start listening to your instincts, they will become your first point of call when you need to make a decision. Don’t be afraid to make decisions based on your intuition, because they will often be the right decision.



Psychics have developed their intuition over the years and may have been born with a natural intuition which is stronger than others. Harnessing your intuition and learning to go with your gut feeling is something that many of us may feel a little fearful doing. Have you thought about developing your intuition and need some tips and advice? Speak to one of our gifted Readers at TheCircle to find out how good your gut feeling is and get guidance on how to live life intuitively.

Published: 26 October 2016

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