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Spotting the Signs and How to Deal with Stress


What are the causes, signs and symptoms? Finding ways of how to deal with stress in everyday life, work, family and home.


Nowadays, stress is one of the most common illnesses for people taking time off work. It seems that with the increasing demands on us during and sometimes outside of working hours and the reduction of manpower for costs in companies, stress is playing an even bigger issue in the world. Stress is not only something that affects workers, it can be in the home environment with the family or indeed absolutely any aspect of our life. The effects of stress on everyday life can certainly make things harder, moods can fluctuate and making decisions can seem like an impossible task. Most people recognise that they are stressed and sometimes they will actively do things that help to reduce it, however sometimes they feel so stressed, it can be difficult to help oneself.

It can affect your thoughts, your feelings, your behaviour, and your wellbeing…





Learning how to deal with stress is vital to our mental wellbeing - most people will probably be stressed at some point in their life. It is a very common sign that something is upsetting you or frustrating you, and no matter what has triggered it, the symptoms of stress can be quite obvious. The effects of stress can show in several ways, it can affect your thoughts, your feelings, your behaviour, and your wellbeing. Severe symptoms of stress can affect your health if it is not recognised and managed accordingly. If you think you are stressed and can agree with some of the following, you should find a way that makes it easier to cope with stress:

  • Anxiety and / or depressive feelings
  • Lack of motivation and low energy
  • Finding small tasks overwhelming
  • Emotions all over the place
  • Restless and irritable
  • Headaches and general tension
  • Tiredness and problems sleeping
  • Change in sex drive
  • Chest pains and/or stomach upset
  • High blood pressure and/or palpitations
  • Anger and impatience
  • Increased use of alcohol, tobacco or food

Give yourself a special time every day where you switch off from everything…





The first step to helping yourself is recognising that you’re stressed. Stress can make us short-tempered, irritable, angry, over-emotional and anxious. These signs of stress are not pleasant to experience and they are not only hard for you but it can be difficult for the people around you to deal with. There are ways to reduce stress and many self-help tips that you can follow. Stress management is something that helps you to find a way of managing how to deal with stress, how you cope with stress and giving yourself ways for relaxation, so that you can try to switch off. If you are feeling very stressed and do not know where to start, you may need extra help and support from a counsellor or someone who is an expert in stress management. At home, you can find stress relief by consciously making time to relax and unwind. Give yourself a special time every day where you switch off from everything, whether it’s a nice bubble bath, reading a book for an hour, a walk in the fresh air or some time for meditation, make some ‘me time’. If you are tired and exhausted and have young children, ask someone to look after them so you can have some time to yourself.

Managing your workload is important, but you are not super human…





In the UK, stress affects one in five of the working population, with a loss of 105 million days per year, costing employers £1.24 billion. Our working day seems to have become more demanding and stressful. Employers expect more from their workers, with busy schedules run by the bare minimum of people and the end of the working day does not have a definite end. More and more people are taking work home, and working late in to the evening, taking away time from their families and resulting in working a much longer day. With this increased risk of stress, it is no wonder that people are having to be signed off work, as they simply are not getting the switch off time. Managing your workload is important, but you are not super human – ask your employer for help and set their expectations. Most employers may look to reduce costs by giving their team more workload, but there is a limit to everyone. If you’re a good worker, your employer should respect your needs.

Nudge your way out of your comfort zone…





Recognising the signs of stress is a large step in the right direction. Instead of feeling negative and thinking you can’t do anything, you can always find ways for stress relief to reduce the effects of stress on your work life, your personal life and your family. It is really important to find something that will assist you with your stress management. Nudge your way out of your comfort zone, find a new interest that challenges you, buy your favourite bubble bath, treat yourself to a massage once a week or whenever you can – reduce stress in as many areas of your life as possible. Delegate to others, communicate and tell them why you’re feeling stressed or upset. Reaching out to others will perhaps result in them helping you!





Remember, whatever is making you feel the symptoms of stress is probably only relative at this time of your life. Will the same stress be in your life in 5 years’ time? It is unlikely. Is the situation or person that is causing the stress really worth getting upset about? Perhaps you need detailed guidance with a professional psychic reading? Things can change every day, but you need to look after yourself, your mental and emotional wellbeing, your happiness and your health. Do not lose sight of your future today, find reassurance in an expert psychic reading, feel confident in your future by gaining a deeper understanding of your current circumstances with a psychic reading at TheCircle.




PUBLISHED: 28 April 2016

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