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How Does Technology Affect Your Social Life


Technology has brought a revolution in the lives of most of us.  It means that a huge amount of information can be found with just a click, and that you can make contact with anyone, anywhere, in an instant.  It also means you can have more friends than ever before, by connecting with people on Facebook.  Long lost pals from years ago can be tracked down and chatted with, and people you know only slightly can be impressed by the photos you post and news about your life.  This may sound fantastic, but it doesn’t always work out that way.  



Virtual Reality

Real life is often difficult, or boring, and you can be stuck with a situation or companions you don’t want.  How easy it is to escape all of that by hooking up on the Internet.  But that can be an empty substitute.  All too many people, on a night out with friends, spend most of their time hunched over their phones.  And getting lost in fantasy games can be fun, but too much time spent that way isn’t healthy.  Your wellbeing can suffer, because adrenalin is coursing through your body as you battle aliens and monsters, yet you aren’t using it in the way it was intended, by actual ‘flight or fight’.  Even if you’re quite calm, sitting still for long periods isn’t good for anyone.  Playing with your phone when you could be talking to friends and family is plain rude, and very isolating.  When you really need support and companionship, you can’t get that depth of understanding on a screen, and even a long phone call with a close mate can’t compete with a warm hug.   You might not notice how technology is affecting you, because it can happen gradually.  If you feel on edge, lonely and wondering what it’s all about, could it be because you aren’t having enough interaction with real human beings, and too much with their on-line personas?


Always on call


The technology available now means you’re always available, and always able to work.  Certain people prove themselves by banging off emails at one in the morning, so setting the standard for everyone else.  So many people are expected to be on call at the weekend, working from their lap-top, so that private time isn’t private and you may be settling work issues in the middle of a family meal, or when you’re out on a date.  Technology has taken away the boundaries between work and leisure, leading to huge pressure being put on employees.  Do you sometimes feel you just can’t get away, and that you’re on an endless treadmill?  You aren’t the only one, and although it can be hard to do, it’s essential that you realise you must protect yourself if you’re to function efficiently.


Internet Trolls

Bullies are everywhere, and the Internet and social media give them a great opportunity to make other people miserable.  Because they are mostly cowards, being able to terrorise a victim from the safety of their own living room is very attractive.  Of course you might say to the person who’s being bullied ‘turn it off!’  but when all your friends are on line that may not be as easy as it should be.  Technology has created a situation where such behaviour is possible.  If you’ve suffered from this, don’t hesitate to find support.  If your self-esteem is shattered it may be hard to believe you can get over this and be helped, but you can.



It is very possible to become addicted to technology.  If you feel jittery if you haven’t checked Facebook for an hour or feel something is missing if you don’t have your tablet or phone in your hand, then you could be addicted.  This can lead to ‘digital dementia’ where you get stressed and irritable because you’re afraid you’re missing something.  Surfing from one link to another activates the part of your brain used for short term memory, but isn’t good for the part used for creativity and reflection.  If you suspect that you are an addict, start cutting back your time spent with technology and commit to other activities that mean you have to leave your device.  Gradually it will become easier.


Making Changes

If your social life is suffering because of your use of technology, take action.
•    Join active clubs that don’t involve any technology.
•    Go for walks, runs or do sport, and leave your phone behind.
•    Agree with a group of friends that you will all meet up once a week without your phones.
•    Take exercise – even if you do it alone it will help to change your metabolism and outlook.
•    Never pick up your phone while eating and insist that family members do the same.
•    Practice mindfulness, meditation or yoga.


It’s not always easy to change habits and attitudes, even if you know this will be good for you.  That’s one of the many reasons we’re here. We can offer medium readings and psychic readings and our on-line mediums are always there with their insight and wisdom from beyond this world.  Getting a reading could enable you to become more connected with real people, and feel much better.  Put in a call today and be reassured and supported.


PUBLISHED: 2 Feburary 2015

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