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Healthy Mind - Healthy Body

How healthy is your mind? Do you try and have a positive outlook or is your default a negative one and you only notice the bad things going on around you? In today's environment it's quite easy to just focus on the negatives as we're constantly bombarded with tragic news in the media. Good news stories are few and far between, so it's not surprising that we can have a negative perspective of the world we live in.

So what can you do to change this? We need to try and not be so affected by external influences and look within ourselves for our happiness and peace of mind. There are many things you can put into practice to make this change.




Mindfulness is a word that you will now see commonly used, but what does it actually mean? One definition is 'A mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while acknowledging and accepting your feelings and thoughts'. Or in simple terms, being aware of what's going on around you and noticing how it's making you feel. But the only way you can really practice this is by slowing down and taking some time for yourself. When we're relentlessly rushing around from one task to another, we don't allow ourselves the time to really think about why and what we're trying to achieve. Are we just responding to external demands or are we meeting our own needs?  Unless we make more of an effort to meet our own needs, finding personal fulfilment will be a constant battle.




Meditation is a great way to practice mindfulness.Take time out at least once a day, even just for 10 minutes to sit quietly in a comfortable place and clear your mind of all thoughts. This will take some practice and may take time to achieve, but will be worth the effort. You may find it easier to listen to some quiet calming music. During this time you can connect with your inner self which will lead you on a voyage of discovery to find out how you truly feel. This will help you to make the right decisions on what's important for you personally in your daily life. It will also help you to connect with your spiritual self which is essentially who you are.



Nature is all around us, but we don't often take the time to fully appreciate it and the benefits it can bring us, especially if living in towns and cities. It's so good for our mental health to think, de-stress and feel calm by spending time in nature. Just walking amongst trees and green surroundings can lift your spirits and give you a sense of well-being. Observe and marvel at the wild life going about their daily business and clear your mind of anxieties. Take energy from the sun and fresh air, it will enhance and rejuvenate your day.


Gratitude is another very effective tool to achieve a healthy state of mind is by expressing thanks for everything that life offers you. For example, you can give thanks for all the things you probably take for granted, your health, good food, clean water, a comfortable home, family and friends. Remember not everyone has all of these things, some not even the most basic of living conditions, so there is much to be thankful for. You could start a 'gratitude book' and write just 3 things a day for which you are grateful. You may find after a while that there are many more to add.


Affirmations are a good way to help view yourself in a positive way and to learn to love you. We're very good at focussing on the negatives about ourselves with the media constantly trying to tell us how we need to look a certain way. But we are all individuals and have our own special unique beauty that we need to remind ourselves about. So keep telling yourself how good, kind, worthy and truly beautiful you are.

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a very powerful concept if you immerse yourself into the belief that it works. If you can focus on the things in life you truly desire and imagine that you are experiencing those things already, they can manifest in ways that's hard to believe. But it really works if you put it into practice. So only dream of positive outcomes, expect the good, not the bad and your healthy mind will help you achieve happiness and a life that's good for you personally and not one that's expected of you by others.

Good food

Good food is an essential ingredient for the state of our mental health. This is not an association widely acknowledged as we tend to think that eating healthy food just helps to make us look good, but it also vital for our mental health well being. Good nutrition feeds the mind, body and soul and they all need to work together in harmony. Eating healthily will help you to achieve that. Just think about how much better you feel physically and emotionally after eating a well-balanced healthy meal which gives you clarity, energy and vigour for life. Unhealthy processed food can make you feel sluggish, tired and suppressed.


Exercise is the activity that we can sometimes think of being a chore. But think about how you feel after you've exercised. Your body is actually telling you it feels good by releasing endorphins the 'feel good' hormones.  You will look and feel so much better if you exercise, it's an immediate 'mood lifter' and great for reducing stress and anxiety. All of these things are so beneficial for your mental health and if you exercise regularly you will be greatly equipped to face any challenges.


Positivity is the key. Being positive is a state of mind that we all aspire to but it can sometimes feel so difficult to achieve. We live in a world that forces us to be reminded of all the negativity going on around us and the habit is formed to only notice the bad and ignore the good. How often have you heard yourself or others praising or expressing love for another person, as opposed to criticising and just seeing faults?  We all too often look for the negatives instead of the positives in many situations. So when you find yourself doing that, just take a mental note to stop and ask yourself what possible benefit for anyone can that achieve? Certainly not the person on the receiving end and no one ever felt better about themselves for being negative. But there are so many benefits to be gained for being positive and passing that feeling on to another person, who will then pass it on to another. It really does have the 'domino' effect and will make you feel good on so many levels, just give it a try.
We are also constantly being told that in order to be happy and fulfilled we should just be focussing on gaining material wealth and possessions. Technology and marketing has brought us an abundance of choice, but with that brings an abundance of pressure and the belief that in order to be successful we need to be constantly working to earn money to pay for things we actually don't really need.  How much happiness do these things really bring us? They're just fleeting moments, possessions are soon forgotten about and new ones bought to replace them and so the cycle goes on. When in reality the things in life that bring us true joy are family, friends, good health, a sense of belonging, a purpose, natural surroundings and the most important thing of



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PUBLISHED: 15 January 2017

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