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Handling money and flowing a healthy financial energy throughout your life


There are many taboos, urban myths and fears attached to money and we all, understandably, share a reluctance to talk about it.  

There is a simple way of looking at money and that is as an energy.  We are all energy and energy is flowing all the time between us in our thoughts, words and actions.  Money is another form of energy.  We exchange our time for money when we work.  We exchange money for goods when we need to buy things.  We create items and exchange them for money.  All of these things are a simple exchange of energy.


De-mystifying and simplifying our money energy can make our lives so much easier.  Lack of money leads to worry and that can twist and warp our money energy and ‘muddy’ our thoughts, making it hard to think clearly.

Thinking of money without fear and as an energy, is treating it like a battery, and filling it with a positive charge.  Positive charges attract other positive charges.  It also frees up our minds to think along different lines, by removing fear.  In simplifying how we think and talk about money, we can create new ways to draw more money into our lives.


System of bartering


The system of bartering is a great way to bring products and services into our lives, whilst offering services or products in return.  All of us have a service or talent we can offer as a barter, even if it is simply our time.  In these days of a struggling economy there are many babysitting services, food, goods and plant exchanges and service swaps out there.  The internet is a fund of information on what is offered in your local area.

When we are short of money we watch and hang on to every penny and in turn rob our money of a positive charge by wrapping it in fear and worry.  By bartering or selling goods or services then this brings the necessary items and produce into our lives and keeps an abundant feeling flowing.  Abundance is positive and helps us keep a healthy feeling towards our money energy.

There may be a different way of structuring our finances, or a new job (possibly part time) or things we can sell on, that will help flow more money energy into our lives.  A trusted friend or family member may be able to listen and help you find a way forward. 



A psychic reading from one of the gifted readers at TheCircle could help turn things around for you by lovingly showing a way forward and helping to remove fear around money.

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