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What is a Gut Instinct?


Do you trust your gut instinct? Understand the gut instinct meaning and have confidence in making decisions for your future…

Have you ever heard someone say ‘I should have trusted my gut instinct’? Do you often get a gut feeling about something in your life? The term ‘gut feeling’ is as simple as it sounds – and is described as almost a physical feeling in our stomach, or a ‘knowing’ inside. Some of us trust out gut instinct and will go through our lives responding to events using our instincts, but the majority of people do not listen to it.



Your gut feeling is your natural instincts telling you something that you already know. Most people are born with a natural psychic ability and over time and conditioning, you seem to lose the sense to trust your instincts. It is believed that children have a much stronger intuitive ability than adults. This is because they are young, more open and have perhaps not yet learned that they should think a certain way or behave as society expects them to. Children, especially when they are very young, operate on a daily basis using their gut feeling. The gut instinct meaning is when you have a hunch or a feeling about something. It could be about someone that you have met or have connected with in your life, and you seem to have a deep down ‘knowing’ about them but you can’t quite establish why. This is often our gut feeling warning us or asking us to be wary about someone. They may not necessarily be hurtful towards us, it may just be that we need to not be too trusting.
A gut feeling may be a warning to us, or it could be a predictive premonition that foretells the consequences if we choose to do something…





Studies suggest that the body has a way of speaking intuitively to the mind and that our subconscious will pick up instinctively what we need to know. A gut feeling may be a warning to us, or it could be a predictive premonition that foretells the consequences if we choose to do something. Have you ever heard a voice in your head warning you? Perhaps you need to learn to trust your instincts.


  • TRUSTING PEOPLE: Our gut instinct has the ability to pick up on other people’s energy. If that person is not someone to be trusted or may be someone who could potentially upset or hurt us, we are likely to instinctively know.


  • GOING SOMEWHERE: Have you ever strongly felt that you should not go somewhere, a place or a road, but not really been able to give a reason why? Our subconscious mind can predict events and give us warnings.


  • TELEPHONE CALLS: How often has the phone rung and you have instinctively known who it is? This is not sheer coincidence, many of us often get a strong feeling or a gut instinct about a caller.


  • THOUGHTS: Has someone suddenly popped into your mind for no particular reason? Some of us intuitively know that a person is experiencing something in their life, or that we are about to hear from them. Often this is our subconscious giving us a friendly nudge to get in touch and check on them.


 Most of us have several times had a gut feeling about something and not acted on it…






So many people do not listen to their gut feeling because they think and act from their head or their heart. Learning to distinguish your gut feeling from what you think you should do can be tricky sometimes. Most of us have several times had a gut feeling about something and not acted on it, often doing the opposite – then get frustrated when we realised we should have listened to our gut instinct. While a gut feeling and intuition are very similar, they do not necessarily mean the same thing. Gut feelings work by instinct, similar to how, if we are in danger, we have a natural ‘flight or fight’ response. Intuition is more of a sixth sense, a psychic ability or a knowing about something, someone or a situation.
95% of the time you will realise that it is right…




You may worry about trusting your gut feeling but think about how many times you wished you had listened to it! Lack of confidence and self-esteem may affect how readily people listen to their instincts, but with time and trust in oneself, this can change. Begin by listening to your inner voice on the smaller things in life and acting on those thoughts. Build up a trust between yourself and your gut feeling, because 95% of the time you will realise that it is right.





Listening to your gut feeling can sometimes be confusing, especially if you are dealing with a stressful situation. When we are going through difficult times, our natural instincts are sometimes affected and we do not think as clearly or make decisions with confidence. Do you need guidance in a relationship, your working life or your home life? Speak to the UK’s most talented Psychics, Clairvoyants and Mediums at TheCircle. Let us help you to connect to your gut feeling and look forward to a happier future.




PUBLISHED: 17 August 2016

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