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Goldstone Meaning and Properties


The goldstone crystal is a type of glass that is carefully crafted from other materials. The glittering stones have been produced since at least the 12th century, with legend stating that Italian monks first produced the material. However, some of the earliest examples were found in Persia.


The modern history of aventurine glass production can be traced back to 17th century Italy and the city of Murano in particular where the crystal is still produced to this day. Soon after, Chinese glassmakers started producing their own goldstone items including bottles. Many of the products available today originate in China.



Goldstone Meaning


The stone’s sparkling appearance immediately lifts the spirits. Often linked with ambition, the stone represents the energetic drive needed to pursue one's dreams. It is a stone that exudes confidence and hints at a golden future. Whatever path you are following or goals you have set, the goldstone’s shimmering presence will make you feel you can achieve it all.


Since it was first produced, it has been formed into a range of products that can be carried by a person such as polished stones, beads, balls, pendulums, arrowheads, and even sculptures. Many people carry them for motivation as they navigate their way through life. The road to glory can be fraught with self-doubt and having a positive stone to boost confidence can help you push through the toughest moments.


The stone is notable for the flecks of crystal at various depths below the surface that cause it to shimmer and glitter in the light. This is caused by granules of copper oxide that are dissolved by heat and then reformed slowly during the cooling process. The crystals are octahedral in shape and cause the light to reflect in different directions when moved. The effect is mesmerising and is one of the most appealing characteristics of the goldstone.


Goldstone is usually reddish brown in colour, hence the name, but green, purple and blue versions of the stone are also created. The glass colour of the blue stone is caused by the addition of cobalt, the green stone uses chromium, while the purple stone adds manganese. The green, purple and blue goldstone meaning may vary slightly but they are usually treated the same as the gold version.


Before it is cut and polished into the objects we see for sale in gemstone shops, goldstone begins life in a rough form, often in large blocks weighing in excess of 20 kilos. Smaller chunks are also sold to vendors to be shaped into stones and polished. The quality can sometimes vary and may influence what kind of product is made from the stones. Clear sections with many visible crystals are the most prized and areas with few crystals or many imperfections may be discarded.



Goldstone Healing Properties


As mentioned, the stone drives ambition and promotes vitality. Those looking for energy, courage and a positive mindset may turn to the goldstone. The uplifting effects are gentle yet empowering and are thought to be of benefit to those suffering from tension in the stomach. Other suggested goldstone healing properties include aiding joint and bone pain and helping to boost circulation. It has also been said that the stones can help those with arthritic conditions.


Like many gemstones, the stone is blessed with many metaphysical properties that may benefit the wearer. Thanks to the reflective properties and transparency of the stone it is considered a strong protector of the spirit. This type of stone allows energy to flow cleanly making the connection between the spiritual and physical world a smooth one, leading to inner peace.


Such stones also bring a sense of safety and security to those who wear them. So they are perfect for those moments when a person steps out of their comfort zone and needs a positive point of focus, something to protect them when they are vulnerable.


Other Uses of Goldstone


Some may wear the stone simply for good luck. Many gemstones can be considered lucky charms but the stone’s association with confidence makes it perfect for those who feel they need a boost of positivity during their daily life. Anything that helps a person feel more equipped to take on the world should be embraced and the goldstone crystal is no exception.

The gemstone is linked to the Sacral Chakra, which is associated with the emotional body, sensuality, and creativity, while the blue goldstone meaning relates to the Throat Chakra that drives of expression and communication.


The stone is also used to charge other minerals and can create physical and emotional harmony. Those who wear the stone also suggest it helps to forge their creativity. It dissolves heavier emotions, leaving a more balanced mind that can benefit those who creative flair.


To summarise, the stone is perfect for those seeking positive energy. It helps users to feel recharged and revitalised. It can help to promote a more creative approach to life and destiny, making the path to future goals a smoother one. And it stimulates the mind, creates a flowing connection between the spiritual and physical worlds. All of this combines to make the wearer feel happier and more content.


Published: 10 April 2019

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