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Free Your Spirit In Five Steps


Daily life can make you feel trapped and sap your energy.  But that’s just the way you’re looking at it.


Learn to be free, to believe in yourself and expand your spirit in these five steps.
  • Make time for yourself
  • Assess your priorities
  • Change your negative emotions
  • Stay positive
  • Look after your body


Lifting your spirit doesn’t just ‘happen’ and being spontaneous is over-rated – if you wait for that moment, that impulse, you could wait forever.  Carve out some time for yourself from your weekly routine.  Put this in your diary and stick to it, no matter what.  If people want you to do other things just say ‘Sorry, I’m busy.’  Try not to feel guilty about this.  Do you want to be free or don’t you?  You, and only you, has the key.
During your special time, resist the temptation to veg out, however tired you are.  Watching telly or even going for a spa day might rest you but it won’t free your spirit.  Go for a walk somewhere beautiful, go to an art gallery or start some creative pastime that’s really going to absorb you.  You will feel as if your soul has been washed clean.


Your life may be so hectic that you haven’t given much consideration to what’s working and what isn’t.  Get off the treadmill for a moment and ask yourself what is going well and what you enjoy, and what is not.
If there are things holding you back, such as financial considerations or pleasing certain people, how important is this?  Are you working at a job you hate in order to pay a mortgage on a big house?  Are you falling in with the wishes of friends and family even though you want something different?  So ask yourself how important these considerations are.  Really imagine how life would be perhaps with a smaller house but time to breathe and enjoy life.  Imagine how it would be if you upset certain people.  Remember, anyone really worth pleasing is not hard to please.
The choice is yours.  Are you going to make changes and let some things go?  Or are you going to remain a prisoner of your own habits?  Life can be better, you know!


We all have negative emotions – it’s part of being human.  But if your negative emotions outweigh your positive ones, if you spend a lot of the day feeling bad, then commit to changing this if you want to be free.
For instance, are you dogged by lack of self-worth?  Do you lack confidence and motivation?  Are you afraid a lot of the time – of failure, or being rejected?  Are you on a short fuse, lacking patience, close to being over-whelmed?  Is it hard for you to ask for help?
What beliefs are behind these feelings?  Do you, for instance, believe that you are inferior, that you can’t do certain things, that you will be judged and punished?  Challenge all your ‘limiting beliefs’  - they are just beliefs, they are not real!
Sometimes we create life according to our ‘limiting beliefs’.  For instance, if you fear people will reject you then you may withdraw.  You may not realise this, but people may then withdraw from you because they think you don’t like them!  This ‘proves’ your limiting belief and creates a vicious circle.  You are creating your negative reality.
Write down the negative emotions and limiting beliefs that need to change.  Work on this if you want to be truly free.  Talking to someone supportive and knowledgeable can help and the best place to start is with our expert Readers who can empower you see things more clearly.


We all know we should be positive but sometimes it can be difficult and you need a few tricks to keep you going.  One strategy is the ‘positivity sandwich’.  For every negative thing you say about yourself find two that are good, or that are constructive results from the negative.  For instance, if you say to yourself ‘I’ve got no self-confidence’ you could put with it ‘I’m a really supportive friend’ and “My lack of confidence means I try really hard’.
Think about what makes you happy and surround yourself with images of it.  Do you have uplifting memories of your holiday?  Have pictures all around and swap these about so you have the ‘surprise’ element when you go into a room.  Play music that makes you feel good.  Pick a few believable affirmations to repeat in the morning, such as ‘I am kind’, ‘I am becoming more confidant’  (avoid extreme statements that you won’t believe, such as ‘I’m fantastic’ – even though you are!)
Positivity isn’t just ‘there’.  You have to work at it, but you can get to it with thought and effort.


You want to free your spirit but of course it is attached to your body and it’s much harder for your spirit to soar if your physical being is sluggish or exhausted.
Avoid demanding exercise and punishing diets.  Just take simple care of yourself.  Walk and dance your way to fitness.  Focus on healthy, nutritious foods that you enjoy, rather than weight loss.  Get enough sleep and sort out any health niggles.  For instance, if you have back pain see a therapist, if your stomach is uncomfortable consider allergy testing and similar.
You deserve to feel not only ‘okay’ but zinging with health and vibrant energy.  Your feet won’t touch the ground!


Now you have five clear steps to free your spirit.  These include making time for yourself, taking stock of your priorities, identifying and changing negative emotions, staying positive and looking after your body.  Put all of these into practice and you should soon feel liberated and renewed.

PUBLISHED: 11 October 2018
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