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Flower Sentience

Flowers have always been linked to love, weddings, the birth of babies, all types of celebrations and of course illness, sadness and death. Times have changed, fashions and colours have changed but flowers always make people better, feel happier and are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.

Prior to 1980 most flowers sold in the UK were grown by gardeners and small family run nurseries, picked and sold across the country on the same day. These days flowers are grown on an enormous scale and thanks to modern technology can be chilled and flown around the world to bring the exotic into our homes. Entering the Covent Garden flower market early in the morning overpowers your senses with a riot of scent and colour.
We are all similar, sharing 99% identical D.N.A. the basic building block of every cell in a living thing. We will all have similar life experiences at different times and yes we are all related. We share about 40% D.N.A. with plants and flowers which gives us a very strong link to the nature around us. Plants and flowers need oxygen, water, nutrients and light, so in fact they have very similar needs to us. When we are in the great outdoors we can often ‘feel’ this connection with our surroundings in nature and it makes us feel at ease and relieves the stresses and strains of our busy lives.


Flower power

Many mediums and clairvoyants have flowers around them to help create a positive and bright energy, with the knowledge that flowers can heal and create a great energy. Flower sentience, simply means flower feelings. One flower can speak a thousand words and a flower reading can give clarity and soften sorrow.
Mediums and psychics have to alter their state of consciousness to make a connection with a client, using their sub conscious mind. History shows us flowers, herbs and plant based drugs were used in the past to alter the state of consciousness quickly. Today psychics use what works for them, some use meditation, some Tarot cards, some use the scent and colour of a flower to achieve the required state of mind.
During a telephone or chat reading a Reader who uses flowers or colour will feel the energies and be drawn to a specific flower or colour, then the feel, sense and smell helps the energy and the reading to flow.
Contact one of TheCircle’s gifted Readers via chat or phone to find out for yourself what a connection with flowers can bring to your reading. 
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