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Are you just going through the motions at work?  Does your job leave you bored, frustrated or filled with a sense of meaninglessness?  Maybe you are the kind of person that needs a ‘vocation’ – and the good news is that if you need a vocation, then you have a vocation.


It’s simply a matter of discovering it, with the following pointers.
  • Decide if you actually need a vocation
  • Contact your inner self
  • Learn to reflect and meditate
  • Identify what you always wanted to be
  • Listen to others
  • Follow your happiness


If this article has caught your eye the chances are that you do need to find your vocation.  To be sure, just answer the following questions:
Does your job have to be about much more than money, for you to be happy?
Do you yearn to make a difference in the world?
Do you have a feeling that you are needed somewhere?
Do you long to be so absorbed in your job that you forget other concerns?
Do you have talents, abilities and perhaps experience that you know are not used in your current job?
Do you feel your current job is meaningless, adding very little to human well-being and progress?
If you answered ‘yes’ to most of the above, then you definitely need a vocation.  All you have to do is find it – and the key is within you!


How can you connect with that inner core?  The answer is that you begin to do this as soon as you clarify the intention to do so.  
Affirm to yourself that you truly want to be in contact with your soul and your intuition.  Affirm also that you are open to messages from the Universe, and that you will follow any leads with an open mind and heart.   Visualise an inner ‘wise-person’ – you may imagine her or him sitting by a still pool in a forest glade, surrounded by calmness and knowledge.  If you like you can imagine that you approach this person and ask for advice, but just being aware they are there will change your perspective.
Be open to chance meetings, meaningful ‘coincidences’, comments from friends and any snippets of information that come your way.  Your inner self is connected to the Universe and once you are open to messages they will arrive.  Follow any leads to see if you find opportunities.  Never despair if you go up lots of blind alleys.  This may all be part of your journey, so trust and keep going.


Any path towards self-knowledge requires some form of meditation because that’s the way to quieten the Monkey Mind and get at your truth.
Don’t worry if you can’t meditate ‘properly’.  Maybe you cannot silence your thoughts or sit still for long periods.  All you need to do is be peaceful and relaxed for a few minutes a day.  Go somewhere you find calming – possibly by a tree or stream or in your room with soft music playing.  Be aware of your thoughts chasing each other around, and aware of the stillness behind them that’s closer to the real ‘you’.  Shed the stresses of the day – how much do they matter in the scheme of things?  Concentrate for a few minutes on relaxing your entire body, sending gentleness to any bits that are tense and achy.  
Set a timer for five or ten minutes, if that’s all you can spare.  When your time is up, journal your thoughts and realisations.  They can give you information and conviction about your vocation.


The answers to finding your vocation can be blindingly obvious – in fact that is often the case!  Quite possibly there was something you longed to do as a child, but either you were talked out of it or it wasn’t possible for some other reason.  Your passions are the key to your success.  
Ask yourself also what you are good at and what you enjoy, for these usually dovetail.  Unless you are one of those people for whom money is an end in itself and who can put up with anything to earn it, your job must use your talents if you are to be happy.
Revisit those old ambitions.  So maybe you didn’t pass the exams to become a doctor, but could you train now in some form of therapy?  Try to analyse what it was in those ambitions that motivated you – maybe the impulse to heal others, and satisfy it in some way.  As for your talents, it might be hard to earn your living playing the guitar or painting, but maybe this could be a part-time job for a while – and maybe you could get involved with spin-offs such as managing a band, looking after an art gallery or some such.  Stay open and always follow what lights your fire.


Other people may well appreciate your abilities more than you do and they may have spotted things you do naturally well, maybe without realising it.  Do not let false modesty stand in your way.
If you are good at something you will probably hear this from several sources.  Do take these seriously.  Relationships are a way the Universe communicates with you.
And on this subject, if you are in any relationship that undermines your confidence, or with someone who wants to control you for their own purposes, this may need to end in order for you to pursue your vocation. 
Sometimes finding your vocation can mean reorganising your world.  You can do this bit by bit – it will be worth it in the end.


Finding your vocation may take a while, but never give up, and never settle for a substitute.  You will know when you have found your calling because you will be happy – simple as that.  You will have challenges, of course.  Things won’t always go smoothly and there will be times when you feel tired and unmotivated.
However, when you have found your vocation you will never again dread Monday mornings with quite that sinking feeling and you won’t count the hours until you can go home.  You’ll always know that what you do matters and is right for you, and your life will be rich and fulfilling.


Now you should have a better idea of whether you need a vocation, how to contact the inner you, reflect, identify what you always wanted to be, listen to others and follow your happiness.  Keep faith, because there is a niche for you and a better future ahead.  Meanwhile, for encouragement and insight, call our team of wise Readers who can give you more information about your path ahead.
PUBLISHED: 09 October 2018
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