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Father's Day June 19th


Fathers Day as we know it began on July 5th, 1908 in West Virginia, in honour of the 210 miners who had died in a mining disaster.  Most countries still celebrate this, close to the Midsummer Solstice.  This feels right because it recalls much older rituals linked to the Sun, and father-gods.

Today, Father’s Day is a family occasion and an opportunity for commercial profit.  However, it can be helpful to remember that ancient traditions give this celebration deeper meaning.




The feast day of St John the Baptist is June 24th, and in many countries he is honoured at the Solstice.  John foretold the coming of Jesus – his followers were like his children and he baptised them in running water.  He was beheaded by King Herod, at the request of his sexy step-daughter Salome.  However, this story echoes more ancient pagan themes of the sacrifice of the God, who is the life force, which is cut down – but is always reborn.  Of course this sounds very dramatic, but Father’s Day is a great opportunity to remember the sacrifices fathers make, and to thank them for it. 





Dwelling on positive god-images can help you relate to Fatherhood, whatever your personal experiences.  They can be especially helpful if your own father has been less than loving and helpful.  These may inspire you to set up a small altar at home:

  • Zeus.  Greek supreme god, who had many children whom he showered with gifts and protection.  Imagine him smiling, crowned in gold.  His power lives in diamonds, topaz, the mighty oak tree, the elephant and the eagle.  Jasmine and ginseng are linked to him
  • The Dagda (or ‘Good God’).  He is king of the Irish magical race called the sidhe (pronounced ‘shee’)   He has a cauldron of abundance – imagine it brewing up what you need.  Although he was an invincible warrior he was also a pot-bellied clown.  His weapon is a club, his symbols are the serpent and triple spiral – and he loves porridge!
  • Herne the Hunter.  He is the Celtic god that looks after the forest animals, snuggling in the woods.  He wears a crown of horns and is linked to the wolf, hawk and boar.  His symbols are the torque, the serpent and all greenery
  • Vishnu.  A Vedic sun-god, he was much loved by the people, bringing blessing and wisdom.  He has blue skin and four hands that bear gifts.  Topaz, laurel, phoenix and lion are sacred to him.  Fragrant bay-leaves make a suitable decoration
  • Odin.  Scandinavian All-father, he set the sun and moon in motion.  He brings inspiration, magic and creativity.  Symbolised by the raven, horse, fire opal and turquoise.  Burn a musk joss-stick

On Father’s Day spend a little time in front of your altar and reflect on the strong, protective masculine side of the Divine.  You are loved and cared for.




If your relationship with your dad is in any way positive, don’t miss this opportunity of showing him some love and attention.  Even if you or he are embarrassed by expressions of emotion, spend some time with him, get a card and/or a present and if you can’t visit make sure you phone.

  • Take your dad out somewhere he will appreciate, or somewhere you spent time together as a child
  • Bring your dad a photo or memento
  • Talk over old times, letting him know you have happy memories of the two of you together
  • Think of all the good qualities your father has, or had, and all the things he gave you.  Even if your father was a bully, or uncaring, he may have given you strength and resilience
  • Reflect on all the positive qualities of a good father, such as protection, firm guidance and stability.  How can you give yourself more of these?
  • Try to forgive anything that was damaging, because it will help you heal.  If you aren’t ready to forgive, then certainly forgive yourself for any anger or negativity, and allow the possibility of future forgiveness to lead you forwards



In this article we have looked at the origins of Father’s Day, links with John the Baptist and the old gods, and found ways to celebrate.  Occasions such as Father’s Day can be heart-warming, but they can also bring home to you what you’ve lacked and open old wounds.  If this is the case then you need to talk this through and find healing.  Our intuitive and supportive Readers are just a call away, so why hesitate?  Celebrate Father’s Day in the best way possible by gaining deeper knowledge and new perspectives.



PUBLISHED: 16 June 2016

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