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Family Fun In The Sun


Inspiration is everywhere we look, in the fields, the trees and of course the family. Everyone can share in the beauty of being alive. But how much do we really see? And if we look a little closer how much more could we see? Discovering new things as a family can be very rewarding especially when we share the experience with those we love. Here are a few ideas for all the family that might get you looking at the familiar in a new light.



Ley Lines

Your local area will be covered in 'Ley Lines' Family walks can be turned into a journey of discovery as you explore the paths your ancestors would have walked. These paths can be dotted with buildings of historic significance like churches, castles, stone circles and old dwellings; also often areas that 'Replay Ghosts' can be seen during certain times of the year. It is thought that pathways that have been used for centuries can store the energy of those who used them. When the right weather conditions are in the atmosphere this energy can be triggered, replaying ghostly images just like watching a film. This would be great for older children who are interested in exploring. 

Shamanic Ritual to bring wildlife to us

Whether you have a small balcony or a large garden bringing wildlife to your door is a very rewarding pursuit. No matter how old we are the fascination with nature is always there. In this 'Shamanic Ritual' designed to attract wildlife you will need the following simple items that can be found in and around your local area. (It can be fun for children to seek out these objects on a trail, walk or even a visit to the beach.)
  • Twelve small stones or pebbles
  • A piece of tree bark about eight centimetres square
  • Two white feathers
  • Small Handful of white petals       
With the stones form a circle with a gap of about six centimetres on the right hand side. Place the bark over this gap just resting on the pebbles. Then place the two white feathers side by side in the middle of the circle. Then to complete the ritual scatter the white petals over the feathers whilst repeating this invocation three times out loud.
'Great White Spirit bless this land so it is pure and free for all living creatures' 
This will then attract many of the shy creatures that may otherwise pass by your land. It is fun to keep a journal of all the wild birds and animals that will now be visiting your garden or small sacred area. This is a lovely thing to do together with children of any age.
This very old form of divination for picking out pictures or faces can be done anywhere. All you need is a bowl of clear water that you can gaze into. Place the bowl with the water on a firm surface so you can look down upon it. As you look into the water, watch as different shapes, pictures and faces start to appear. It is useful to have a pen and paper to hand to record or draw your pictures.
Cloud gazing is another form of scrying that all the family can take part in. Lay on a blanket on the ground and look up to the sky as the clouds pass overhead. Pick out the shapes of animals in the clouds as they float gently by.
If you would like to know more about 'Lay Lines' or recognising the different types of ghosts, you may be interested in Shamanic Rituals or Scrying. The Circle has available twenty-four hours a day seven days a week psychics that can answer all your questions on all these subjects. You never know, you might discover something new that the whole family can share that you may have never known existed right in front of you in your own neighbourhood.  


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