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Embrace your dark side - five spells to transform you


We all like to think we’re nice people, but sometimes in aspiring to be good we can repress those difficult emotions, which then come out subconsciously, doing much more damage.  For instance you may tell yourself you’re not angry with someone, and then go and crash your car.  Basically, you can’t help how you feel, so be totally honest with yourself, and you’ll gain two advantages.  First, because you can see what you’re dealing with you stay in control – just because you feel something doesn’t mean you have to show it or act on it.  Second, pinpointing your issues opens the way to transformation. Try these little tricks.



Rot Away


Is there a relationship or association that you have been longing to get out of, but too nice to say?  This might be a love affair that’s gone stale, a friendship that’s become a burden, a work colleague that’s hassling you etc.  Don’t put up with it any longer.  Take an apple (preferably one that’s already a bit wrinkly) and cut your initial on one side, and the other person’s initial on the opposite.  Overnight, soak the apple in water with a few drops of lavender oil added, for peace and cleansing.  Take the apple outside, kiss it and cut it carefully in half, so you have two separate initialed segments.  Bury the segments deep in the earth.


The Big Freeze


If there’s someone you really hate, because they are doing you or a loved one real harm, you have a right to protect you and yours.  Take a jug filled with water and an ice-cube tray.  Pour the water into the tray saying
‘Turned to ice your power shall be
From you now I’m utterly free.’
As the water flows, imagine the unpleasant person moving on, out of your life, all of their ability to do hurt taken from them.  Form a five-point star over the ice-tray, as a blessing, saying “Harm none, justice be done’ and place your ice-tray into the freezer.  From time to time imagine all the nastiness being frozen up, and smile.


Feel the Fear  


We all have things that we fear, and this can hold us back from so much in life.  Be honest about what scares you – no one will guess, or be able to use it to control or mock.  Go out into the country (somewhere safe, of course) dressed in dark clothing.  Let dusk fall around you.  Reflect on your fears, feeling them merging with the dusk, and gradually imagine there are stars coming out inside you.  Ask the Earth Mother to take your fear and give you strength.  Visualize a life without your fear as the stars within you burn brighter and brighter.  When you are ready, pick up a stone as a sign that your fear has no more power and you are firm as the earth.

Back to Black  


Don’t be afraid of the dark.  Dress in black, for it is the colour of endings and moving on.  Light a black candle and think of what you would like to change in your life – this could be an emotion that’s holding you back, or a painful situation.  Be very honest with yourself as you write down all your thoughts and feelings on a piece of paper – pour it all out.  When you think you’re finished, reflect for a few minutes, then carefully twist the paper into a taper and burn it in the candle flame.

Let It Out  


Anger can be a corrosive emotion, doing you more damage than those you’re ranting at.  Find the darkest stone you can and go somewhere where you are completely private.  Hold the stone between your palms and pour all your anger into it.  Let your body shake and your teeth grind, feeling your emotion surging into the stone.  When you feel spent, fling the stone as far away from you as you can.  You can do this for other negative emotions, such as anxiety, and also for bad habits such as smoking.  Welcome freedom!

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