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Make Your Dreams Come True Day January 13th


Wednesday January 13th is Make Your Dreams Come True Day. This unofficial holiday gives you a nudge towards being dynamic and shaping your life the way you want it. Don’t be afraid to dream – if you don’t have a dream, how can you have a dream come true?


In the following we examine:
  • Dreams and nightmares, and what they mean
  • Can dreams come true?
  • How to make dreams come true


We all dream at night. Even if you don’t recall your dreams, they are still happening. This is shown by REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. If you are disturbed during REM sleep you will remember your dream, but if you’re waking at a different time, you may feel convinced your sleep was dreamless. However, dreams are a way for the subconscious to work through difficult issues, and they are essential for mental and emotional health.
Some dreams are what shamanic cultures call ‘Big Dreams’. This is because they are telling you about some major turning point in your life, or they may even be prophetic, if you are so gifted. For instance, if you have a memorable dream of an angel, this could mean you are starting on a new spiritual path. Many people have had a dream that told them something important about the future, helping them to choose the right path, or avoid danger.
However, by far the majority of dreams are just the way the mind makes sense of the difficulties in life, reprogramming and cleansing itself for a new day. So if you dream you’re being chased it may be because you are stressed at work. The symbolism of dreams is a whole subject in itself. If you get in the habit of noting down your dreams then you will remember more and more and can practice interpreting them. This can often be helpful in learning about yourself. Always remember that a bad dream certainly does not mean anything bad is going to happen – this is just your mind dealing with anxieties, so let bad dreams disappear in the morning light.


Some of the dreams we have at night reveal our deepest wishes to us. If you dream of writing a book or being a successful performer you may well dream of just those things. However, you may also dream of a flower, sunrise or a smiling celebrity, all of which could symbolise success. Dream symbols can be quite complex, however, so sometimes you may need to reflect and research.
There is no doubt that dreams can, and do come true. This is obvious when you think about it. Look around you – everything human-made that you see existed first in someone’s imagination, and imagination is a ‘dream’.
So when you think about making dreams come true, focus on your daydreams, rather than those more mysterious ones you have at night. Your daytime dreams truly are the key to your success.


We all want to be happy and fulfilled, and the first stage in this is realising that we make our own reality.  Learn how to use and direct your dreams, and you can’t fail.
  • Be clear about your dream.  Your first step to a dreamy life involves common sense.  For instance, just wanting to be ‘famous’ lacks focus.  Wanting to develop a talent so that you become well-known is much more practical
  • Write down your dreams – 3 maximum – on a piece of paper.  This will help you be crystal clear about where you are going
  • Place the paper somewhere significant, such as beneath a statue or special stone.  Every so often light a candle, take out the piece of paper and read it through, visualising what you want
  • Discipline your daydreams.  We all have daydreams but unless you are a very optimistic person you may often find yourself imagining bad things.  Pull yourself up when this happens and be determined about imagining the good, fleshing out all the details and feeling excited, happy and grateful for what you are getting 
  • Make an inspiration board, with pictures of what you want to achieve.  Change the lay-out regularly, so it always ‘grabs’ you
  • Spend time with helpful, encouraging people and cut anyone who puts you down totally out of your life 
  • Take sensible steps towards your dream.  If you need more training or practice, put this in place
  • Notice all the small successes along the way and congratulate yourself for them
  • If you hit setbacks, that’s life.  Naturally you may be downhearted for a while, but cheer yourself up with stories of people who are mega-successful, but who had knock-backs and even despair at the beginning
  • Be grateful for every step along the way – gratitude is a magnet for more success.  You go!



We have looked at dreams and nightmares, whether dreams can come true and what steps to take to make them come true. There’s no doubt you can change your life for the better by focusing your dreams, but for those darker times when you lose faith and optimism, our encouraging Readers are just a call away, ready to straighten you up and get you back on track. Don’t waste time – call as soon as you need a lift.


PUBLISHED: 13 January 2017

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