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Drawing Close to the Archangels of the Rainbow


Angels are spirit messengers and there are countless numbers of them, acting as agents between heaven and earth, bringing healing, inspiration and guardianship.  Esoteric works describe nine ranks of these heavenly beings.  Closest to earth we have the simple angels, including our personal guardian angels, while the rank just above them consists of the archangels.  Above these we have exalted beings such as the seraphim, who have much less direct contact with mortals.  For us the awesome powers of the archangels are the greatest we will ever need to call on.


Like everything in the universe, archangels are vibration.  Old writings give various accounts of how many there are and what they are like.  You can attune to the seven principle archangels by focusing on each one’s unique colour.  Call on these wonderful beings in your time of need and sense an amazing power enter your life.

  Uriel is the ‘Fire of God’, associated with electricity, lightning, thunder and sudden action.  Bringing decision, courage and stamina, Uriel appears holding a staff and bearing a scroll which spells out your life-purpose.  If you feel inert and stuck, fearful and depleted, call on Uriel.  He helps those who are lost, abandoned, rejected and suicidal.  Place a ruby-red candle in a bowl of earth and as you light it, imagine this archangel.  He will bring you warmth, body-wisdom and lust for life.  His gift is hands-on mastery of the material world and the ability to weave spirituality into the day-to-day, being charitable to others and kind to ourselves. 

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL ORANGE.  Bearer of the most vital messages, Gabriel is the Angel of the Annunciation, who told Mary that she would give birth to Jesus, and informed the apostles of the Resurrection.  Gabriel brings creativity and eases grief by revealing deeper meanings, showing all is essentially positive.  If you fear being playful and enjoying yourself or are emotionally or physically constipated, rub oil of ylang-ylang into an orange candle and imagine the presence of Gabriel with his celestial trumpet.  He will bring you vitality and originality, releasing stress and filling you with joy.

 ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL YELLOW.  Logical thought is the gift of Jophiel.  He is the archangel of illumination, working with the angels from the Halls of Wisdom and shown bearing a golden book.  If you need help with your studies and exams or clear thought for any project, Jophiel is your support.  He can dispel mental fog and raise your self-esteem.  He may also enable you to re-asssemble soul-fragments that have been fractured by trauma, causing you to be once again united and in balance.  Surround a yellow candle with citrine tumble-stones and as the flame brightens, feel Jophiel easing your depression and bringing inspiration and revelation.

ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL GREEN.  Raphael is the Divine Healer, restoring health and opening your heart to the beauty of the natural world and to fellow humans.  Patron also of travellers, Raphael is shown holding a cadeuceus or staff of intertwined serpents, still associated with medicine.  Raphael brings calmness and relaxation.  If you are working as a healer, alternative or orthodox, he will give you strength and insight.  If you are the one needing to be made better, he can show you ways to balance your system.  Light a green candle and place around it some feathers to symbolize the healing touch of Raphael.  Allow all your stress to melt, harmony to prevail and your power to manifest change to grow.

 Michael commands the legions of light, riding at their head, carrying a sword of blue flame.  He is the protector of humanity, but although he is a warrior-angel his gift is communication, showing that the Word is the mightiest weapon of all.  He is often shown slaying a dragon, which may be the dragon of ignorance or the misdirection of power that happens when we don’t communicate properly with ourselves.  If you need faith, inner peace or are afraid simply of saying what needs to be said, light a blue candle and a lavender joss-stick.  As the incense curls upwards, imagine Michael on his white charger releasing your powers of self-expression, so you can speak, sing and find your true path in life. 

ARCHANGEL RAZIEL INDIGO.  Raziel is the ruler of the secret mysteries, bringing humans glimpses of the enigma that is God.  His knowledge is total – you can’t argue with it.  With his touch your intuition awakens and your Third Eye opens.  Call on Raziel when you are sick of inner mental chatter, when you want direct access to your instincts and to get rid of pointless preoccupations.  This archangel will channel artistic inspiration, also.  Light an indigo candle and surround it with amethyst tumble-stones.  Feel Raziel dispel negative thought-forms and release your psychic abilities.

ARCHANGEL ZADKIEL VIOLET.  As the highest visible vibration, violet is the gateway to transcendence and Zadkiel is its keeper.  He also brings benevolence and mercy and may be shown holding a dagger, for he was the angel who stopped Abraham sacrificing Isaac.  To recall past lives, to experience transcendence in meditation and to be aware of other realities, rub oil of frankincense into a violet candle.  Imagine the flame is the centre of a protective sphere, enclosing you and giving you the psychic protection that is the gift of Zadkiel, bringing you purity of soul and visionary experience.

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