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Uncovering the Secrets of the April Birthstone


Ever wondered what is the birthstone for April? Well, they say diamonds are a girl’s best friend but, for anyone born in April - regardless of gender - these prized gemstones have special significance. That’s because diamonds are the April birthstone.


If you were born in April, you might be pleased to find that one of the earth’s most coveted jewels represents the period of your birth. But what is a diamond? And what is the significance of the diamond birthstone?



What is the Birthstone for April?


The April birthstone is the diamond, a clear and precious stone that produces a sparkle that has fired the imagination of humans ever since they first uncovered the gem thousands of years ago. Throughout history, diamonds have represented romance, love and affection. To give a diamond as a gift is to show genuine devotion and fondness to another. After all, diamonds are forever.


The word 'diamond' comes from the ancient Greek word adámas, which means unbreakable or invincible. This relates to the fact diamonds are the toughest natural material known to man. They also have the highest thermal conductivity, meaning they are often used in heavy industry.

The durable characteristics of the diamond April stone reflect the unconquerable nature of true love and devotion. Their impenetrable beauty has mystified humans for centuries and continues to marvel and lift the spirits to this day.


Where Do Diamonds Come From?


Diamonds are formed about 90 miles (150 kilometres) deep within the earth’s mantle where the pressure levels are tens of thousands of times greater than those found on the surface. Most of the stones were forged millions of years ago in an environment where temperatures exceeded 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit (1,050 degrees Celsius). These diamonds are sometimes delivered to the Earth's surface via deep-source volcanic eruptions, in which magma rises through the crust, bringing bits of rock with it.


Diamonds have also been discovered at locations where asteroids and meteorites have plummeted to earth. Some of these may be formed in space while others may have been formed on impact, such are the conditions created by an asteroid strike. Diamonds are much harder than any other natural material. As a result, a diamond can only be cut with another diamond.

It is sometimes claimed that diamonds were formed from coal but coal is formed from plant debris and nearly all the diamonds mined on the earth pre-date the first plant life by at least 100 million years.


The April Birthstone Colour


The April birthstone color is hard to define as it is predominantly a colourless gem but that’s not to say it is without beauty. The highest quality diamonds have no colour at all, while lower grade diamonds may appear to have a hint of yellow. The more visible the yellow, the lesser grade the diamond.

Other colours may also appear in diamonds including red, pink, blue, and green, but the stones used in jewellery are generally the clearest kind. Despite their colourless quality, diamonds react with light to create a sparkle all of their own. When they are cut and polished, the effect can be mesmerising.


Diamond Birthstone Origins


The true origins of the birthstones are uncertain but there have been examples of 12 different gems being worn on the clothing of religious and spiritual figures as far back as Hebrew times. The Romans wore a different stone for each month and attached spiritual significance to them. These stones became linked to the signs of the zodiac and, eventually, the order of the 12 stones that we know today became established.



The Meaning of the Diamond Birthstone


Diamonds have been traded for more than two thousand years and have long been regarded as the most precious objects on earth. Sometimes referred to as the ‘love stone,’ diamonds have been associated with romance since Roman times when it was claimed Cupid’s arrows were tipped with the gems.


Thanks to their impenetrable quality, many believe diamonds bring honesty, strength and longevity to relationships. And some ancient cultures also believed diamonds gave strength to those who wore them into battle.


Those born under the Aries and Taurus horoscope signs may have their birthdays in April and have the diamond as their personal birthstones. It is claimed that, by wearing the stone, those born in the diamond April period will enjoy happiness, success and strong relationships.


The association with love and relationships has made the diamond a popular stone to use in the production of engagement and wedding rings. As a symbol of natural endurance and toughness, the diamond is a stone that is sure to stand the test of time. For those entering into a union with another, this holds very special meaning.


In the world of crystals and healing, diamonds are said to have an intense energy that can help people tap into their psychic abilities. They are said to be good for the imagination and can help with inner strength and vision.


Diamond April Birthstone Summary


While others may also gain pleasure from owning, touching and wearing these stones, it is only those that are born in April who can claim to have an extra special connection with the diamond; after all, it is their gemstone. Other crystals may shine and glisten in a glorious way but to see a cut and polished diamond sparkle in natural daylight is a rare and beautiful thing.


Published: April 1, 2019

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