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Crystals for Relaxation


Formed millions of years in the past within the core of our planet, crystals are gifts from the heart of the earth.  They appear tranquil, but each one is a powerhouse of energy at a molecular level.  Every different type of crystal has its own signature, that you can connect with intuitively.  Crystals are used for a variety of spiritual purposes, and some are particularly good for helping you relax – so essential in today’s hectic world.  Choose which appeals to you from the following list, and wear it, hold it or have it close to you when you are trying to chill.  Your crystal will be a special friend when you feel particularly stressed, but if your crystal is exposed to lots of tension, cleanse it regularly as explained in 'Choosing and Storing Your Crystals - Be Crystal Savvy!'



Types of Crystals used for Relaxation


Aquamarine – This wonderful pale blue stone will suit you especially if you are over-sensitive.  It will calm your fears and help you get things into perspective. If you are subconsciously picking up signals psychically – which is very likely – this jewel will stabilize you and enable you to use any information positively.  This stone has a soothing influence if you need to bring something that’s bugging you to a sensible conclusion, so you can get on with life.  If you feel weighed down by responsibility, aquamarine will help you cope, and feel worthwhile.  On a physical note, if you love water-sports like boating, swimming or diving, then tradition states this is a great stone for you, for it will keep you safe yet put you in harmony with the gifts of the water element.

Gold Calcite – Be honest, have you become a bit of a sloth?  Is your idea of relaxation slobbing out, and then wondering why you don’t feel so good?  Invite this pale gold gem into your life, to blow away the cobwebs!  Gold calcite will get you moving to experience the de-stressing benefits of exercise, possibly in the open air.  This jewel will also be your pal if you’re already active and want more of the same.  It clears your head so you can make the right choices about your free time and sharpens your thoughts if your fave pastimes are crosswords and puzzles.  With gold calcite nearby it’s almost impossible to feel down in the dumps – it fires you up with possibilities and gets you going.  So – take a deep breath and budge that body!

Rhodocrosite - If your idea of unwinding involves helping other people, then you need rhodocrosite on your side.  This veined pink stone will support and encourage you.  It brings positivity and inspires solutions, leading to a delightful outcome.  This is a gem of laughter and playfulness.  It’s also sexy, helping you make a real connection with your lover and be honest about your needs, for the message from rhodocrosite is that all your feelings are acceptable.  Watch out, however, for this gem isn’t always polite!  It encourages you to be honest.  If you need the strength to say ‘no’ sometimes, in order to have more time for yourself, hold on to rhodocrosite and spell it out!

Smithsonite - Reach for this light green gem if you truly feel close to breaking down.  It will help you let go of tension and smile.  If you want to be at ease with children, smithsonite will put you in touch with your own ‘inner child’.  It will reveal to you the ways in which your inner child may be hurt or needy and to heal this without affecting your relationships.  This gem puts life’s problems at a distance and everything falls into place.  It also gives you the edge when it comes to tact and diplomacy – so if you’re an organizer in a club, wear smithsonite to get your own way!  If you put it under your bed it will boost your immune system and combat the effects of alcohol, if you’ve over-indulged!

Lepidolite - Do you find it hard to let go of negative emotions such as hatred and resentment?  Then this layered grey-brown stone is for you.  Road-rage, frustration, recurring nightmares can all be a sign that something inside is not being heard – lepidolite calms you down so you can sort yourself out.  It is also great for psychic powers.  If you are a person of extremes it will stabilize you, soothing you when you are hyper and boosting you when depressed.  If you’re harassed lepidolite will help you make the most of your quiet moments, smoothly moving you into a state of tranquility.  When daily life is just too much, tune in to the comfort of lepidolite.

The gifts of crystals are subtle but powerful.  Harmonise with your crystals and their energy will modify yours, making you more serene and contented.  However, if you still feel stressed and anxious you may need extra help to calm you down.  Contact our helpful readers at The Circle to feel soothed and encouraged.

PUBLISHED: 01 September 2014

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