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Coping With Panic Attacks


Most of us feel on edge and worried at times.  But if you suffer from panic attacks you’ll know they are so much more than a ‘bit of nerves’.  The feelings are so overwhelming you may feel hot and dizzy, weak, trembling and unable to breathe.  Fear that you’re going to pass out, or even die, can add to the panic.  After a while you may be so afraid of panicking that you avoid any situation that may trigger an attack.  This can be very debilitating, spoiling your social life and even putting your job in question.  If you have panic attacks you need help – fast!



Strategies to Cope with Panic Attacks


•    Talk About the Problem.  So many people who suffer from panic attacks keep it to themselves.  Maybe you feel ashamed, silly and vulnerable.  However, one thing you can be sure of is that many others are also coping with their own secret fears.  Let people know what you’re going through and let them help you.

•    Distract Yourself.  Practice thinking about something else entirely.  Hypnotherapy can help you with this.  As soon as the fear begins to rise, disengage from the situation and go, mentally, to somewhere else.  Concentrate on your inner world until you have calmed down.

•    Sometimes It's Okay to Give in
  This means if you start to panic, you leave the room to allow yourself time to recover.  Knowing that you can get out often makes it easier to put those panic attacks in proportion.

•    Use Logic.
  You know that whatever provokes your panic, it really isn’t sensible.  You have nothing to fear but fear itself, so square up and come out of it.

•    Try the 4/7/8 Breathing Technique.  Breathe in for a count of four, hold your breath in for a count of seven and then breathe out for a count of eight.  Continue this for at least five minutes.

•    Meditation and Mindfulness – these will help you greatly with your panic attacks.  Try to practice this every day, even if it’s only for ten minutes.  Of course when a panic attack threatens you won’t have time for a full meditation session, but if you’re used to going into that calm state of mind, you’ll find it’s easier to re-create.

•    Walk it Off.  If you’re starting to get stressed, go for a walk.  Any form of exercise, even for a few minutes, will help you recover, releasing your body’s equivalent of morphine, known as endorphins, and changing your mood for the better.

    Be Patient with yourself.  Something is causing your panic attacks.  This may be something that happened in childhood, even things you can’t remember.  You can’t help having them, and they aren’t a sign of weakness.  Don’t let your panic attacks threaten your self-esteem.  Hold your head up – you will get over them.

Coping with panic attacks can be very difficult. That’s one of the many reasons we¹re here. We can offer medium readings and psychic readings and our on-line mediums are always there with their insight and wisdom from beyond this world.  Getting a reading could enable you to resolve this and move on.  Put in a call today and be encouraged and supported.

PUBLISHED: 13 March 2015

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