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If you are on any kind of path of spiritual development, or even if you just think deeply about life, you will be aware that there is something ‘wrong’ with our everyday consciousness. Why are so many people depressed, anxious, obsessive or a long list of other unhappy disorders? Why can’t we all be grateful, kind, positive, loving and aware that life is a journey, all of the time?


The answer is that we tend to lose contact with that Higher Self. However spiritual you are it’s hard not to get dragged in to the petty struggles of everyday life, and to believe – at least for a time – that is all there is. But if you practice keeping that connection with your Higher Self you can experience joy, contentment and freedom from fear.


This ‘self’ is a centre of awareness, a stillness within, an eternal essence. That sounds quite esoteric, but your Higher Self is simple.
Think about what you are doing now. You’re reading this article. But who is reading it? What is it that is aware of the fact you’re reading? There is a part of you that is not reading, or thinking about what you’re reading, or planning to go and make a cup of tea in a minute, or scratching your head….. Of course, you are doing all those things, but is there not something (or somebody) else who is observing all of this?  
That’s your Higher Self. It is outside your emotions and your thoughts. Your Higher Self can’t be upset, it can only watch you being upset. But when you move your awareness into that Higher Self you can’t feel upset. You accept yourself without judgement, you love yourself. You are just aware of a wonderful connection with the entire planet. You’re aware of Love – and that’s a great feeling!


Anyone can become aware of their Higher Self – you don’t have to be a spiritual master or a yogic adept. It just takes a little practice. In fact you may take to it quite quickly. Then you just have to remind yourself to take the six steps regularly, until the freedom of blissful self-awareness stays with you.
  • Make a commitment that you are going to be in touch with your Higher Self
  • Observe your thoughts and feelings right now. Don’t judge them. Be aware of your physical sensations but don’t examine them. There’s no need to put in great effort. Just listen, watch and experience.
  • Now take an inward movement back, so to speak, and see yourself within your environment. Your relationships, your family, your job, your interests. Gently perceive how these are part of you, an expression of the inner you, even some negative people. The difficult stuff expresses your inner conflicts. Synchronicities represent connections. Again observe, without judging.
  • Other people, if you see them as a part of you, are more lovable, even if they are challenging. Scary situations are less daunting – because they are you. You cannot possibly experience anything that is not you, for you do it through your senses and perceptions. Take responsibility with gentleness and acceptance. This is the life you chose and there is so much to love. Feel that love as deeply as you can, for yourself and everything.
  • Appreciate yourself. See how worthwhile you are, even if only in relatively small ways. You are a star, a ‘child of the Universe’ and your only responsibility – if you can call it that – is to shine. Appreciate all the other ‘stars’ as well, and realise that everything is ‘you’ again.
  • You are a consciousness having a bodily experience. Now you begin to see the truth of that. You exist independently of your body. You are eternal and limitless, and you exist in Love.
Practice these steps until it flows. You may find some of the concepts difficult, but on the other hand realisation may ‘click’ very quickly. Remember, don’t analyse, just experience. As you do this more and more you will become continually aware of how you create your own life. You are the fertile soil of the Cosmos, at one with the Source, in love with all else that is part of the Source. You are home!



We have looked at what your Higher Self is and gone through the six steps to be aware of this. Contact with your Higher Self can truly turn your world around. However, if you are feeling very down it may be harder to focus on this. That’s when our team of gifted, deep-seeing Readers can make all the difference to your world. Put in a call and get the encouragement you need.



PUBLISHED: 07 February 2018


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