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Combatting Loneliness


Meaning and Types Of Loneliness


Loneliness is a feeling of emptiness or a void inside leading to feeling isolated and separated from the world, cut off from others. There are different types of loneliness and different degrees of loneliness. It may be a vague feeling that something is not quite right or as intense deprivation and deep pain.


One type of loneliness might be related to specific circumstances such as missing a specific individual because they have died or have moved away. Another type might be feeling alone and out of contact with others as you are physically isolated from people, self-employed and working alone or on night shift, house-bound for example. Loneliness can also be felt when surrounded by others but there is difficulty in reaching out to them.



Loneliness is different than just being alone.

A person will experience times when they choose to be alone. Loneliness is rather a feeling of being alone and feeling sad about it. Everyone feels lonely some of the time, it is only when we seem trapped in our loneliness that is becomes a real problem.


Contributing to our own sense of loneliness.

Loneliness is a passive state and is maintained by passively letting it continue and doing nothing to change it. Some hope it will go away eventually, at other times the feeling can be embraced which in turn usually leads to a sense of depression and helplessness making the loneliness worse.



Recognise the feelings and express them.

To stop feeling lonely accept the feeling that you are lonely. Express the loneliness by writing, drawing or writing a poem anything that lets you express the emotions including talking to other people such as the wonderful psychics and mediums at TheCircle will help. This expression may uncover where the feelings are coming from, as these connections are made,  changes can be made.

 Become active rather than passive. Talk to people, express grief if you have lost someone.
•    Get involved in group activities, hobbies or clubs.
•    Become a volunteer.
•    Be open and vulnerable to have close relationships let people in.
•    Find solace in silence by meditating, prayer or being in nature.
•    Social media, chat groups or skype.
•    Become a pet owner
•    Avoid escapes such as sleeping or watching television.

Expressing your thoughts and feelings to the readers at TheCircle will be met with empathy and they will help you to see a way forward allowing you to leave your loneliness behind and start a fresh future.

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