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Citrine Meaning and Properties


The citrine crystal is a bright, vibrant stone that has been used in various ways by numerous different civilisations over the centuries. It is a kind of quartz that has a lovely yellow colour and is typically transparent. The exact tone of the stone can vary widely, from a pale yellow to a warm honey through to golden or even a colour that borders on brown. It is sometimes described as a gift from the sun, thanks to its appealing yellow hues and radiance.


People have been fascinated by the power and beauty of citrine ever since it was first discovered. For example, the ancient Greeks and Romans loved to use it in their jewellery. Since then, it has moved in and out of fashion a number of times. What has remained constant, though, is the belief held by many in the Citrine healing properties. It is also highly regarded as helping to bring abundance and increasing the owner’s perseverance, among other fascinating benefits.



Citrine Meaning


This crystal can be found in several regions of the world, such as in parts of Africa, Russia and Scotland. Brazil is currently considered to be the planet’s biggest producer of citrine. Another place where it is naturally occurring is in France, and it is from here that the name apparently comes. This is because the most common story behind the citrine stone meaning is that the name comes from the word ‘lemon’, which is ‘citron’ in French. Other sources suggest that the name may be derived from the citron fruit, which is similar to lemons.


You might also see citrine referred to the Merchant’s Stone, the Money Stone or the Success Stone. These alternative citrine crystal meanings refer to its long-standing reputation for helping their holder to obtain success and money more easily. In addition, it is the birth stone of November and the zodiac stone for those people who were born under the Cancer sign.


Citrine Healing Properties


Is this stunning yellow crystal stone the right choice if you are looking to improve your life and health? To fully understand whether to try it, you first need to look in depth at the main citrine healing properties and benefits. The starting point is in understanding that this crystal is believed to be linked with the following chakras:

  • root
  • sacral
  • solar plexus
  • crown

This helps to explain some of the health benefits that have been attributed to the stone and classed as citrine properties over generations. The stone is said to help stimulate and unblock energy in these areas. For instance, the association with the solar plexus chakra is believed to ensure that it works to boost our energy levels and improve circulation. As for the way it connects with our sacral chakra, it is stated as being the reason that it can increase fertility. The link to the root chakra can provide a connection between physical and emotional energy.


In terms of emotional well-being and healing, another benefit this is commonly stated with this stone is in bringing greater love and happiness. This is because it can help you to release negative feelings that have built up inside. The citrine properties are said to smooth out relationships, helping people to find the solutions needed to work and live together in greater harmony. There are also suggestions that it could ward off spite, jealousy and possible heartbreak.

This crystal has been credited with healing some of the following physical issues too:

  • Lack of energy and/or stamina
  • Poor metabolism
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Thyroid imbalance
  • Poor digestion
  • Spleen and pancreas problems
  • Menopausal issues
  • Irritated skin
  • Allergies
  • Kidney and bladder infections


Citrine Crystal: Other Uses


The fact that this is a highly decorative stone means it is commonly used in homes and offices. This is one of the ways to enjoy its natural beauty while also benefiting from its mystical properties. For example, in children’s bedrooms it can help to add a deeper sense of security. In places of work, the benefits being sought may be more in terms of added creativity and prosperity. It is common for a citrine crystal to be placed in the centre of a room. This is done so that its light and radiance fills the room with happiness and positive energy.


Famed for clearing out negative energies, it can be used to make the space lighter and more appealing.If you want to meditate then the warmth and light of this crystal make it a good choice, as it can lead to warm sensations coming from within. Many people choose a mantra that focuses on the light aspect that is such a vital part of the overall citrine crystal meaning and experience. This can allow the person meditating to feel the energy, creativity and vibrancy of the crystal.


A popular belief is that this stone allows us to turn our dearest dreams into reality. This is because it harnesses the power of manifestation to increase our personal will to get things done. An interesting way of using a citrine crystal is to place it inside a handbag, wallet or purse. The idea is that it then attracts abundance towards it. If you are highly sensitive to external energies then you may want to consider using a citrine crystal as a talisman.


When it is being worn or carried, the citrine crystal is said to make the owner feel more confident, as well as protecting their aura. The reason for this is that the bright, light stone increases the level of radiant light in the space surrounding it. Overall, it is easy to see why this beautiful and versatile crystal remains a popular choice with so many people.


Published: 23 April 2019

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