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Chrysoprase Gemstone Meaning and Properties


A gemstone born out of the chalcedony family, chrysoprase is an ideal choice when you’re trying to heal the soul, tackle depression or lift the spirit. Associated with divine truth, healing and happiness, these green stones are the perfect way to achieve some much-needed introspection.


All of us have times when life gets a bit too much. Chrysoprase is a gemstone that helps us take a step back, pull the things we love closer and reset. As we know, self-forgiveness and understanding are crucial when it comes to forgiveness and happiness. However, there are times when we need something extra. Put simply, whenever you need to rid yourself of any negativity, emerald chrysoprase is your proverbial nudge in the right direction.



Chrysoprase Meaning: Breaking Down the Mechanics of Emerald Chrysoprase


As with all gemstones and crystals, healing comes from understanding. Only by embracing the biology of each stone can you benefit from its restorative properties. The first step towards truly understanding chrysoprase is uttering its name.


The distinct green hue of this gemstone comes from the nickel it contains. In fact, it’s this green tint that forms part of the chrysoprase meaning. Broken into two parts, “chrys” comes from the Greek for gold or yellow, while “prase” refers to green. These definitions are important as they link the chrysoprase stone meaning, colour and emotion.


Indeed, if you take a look at the psychology of colours, yellow is often associated with feelings of joy and happiness. Alongside that, green symbolises growth, freshness and harmony. In tandem with the stone’s innate properties, chrysoprase meaning analysts believe this is why many people experience positive emotions when they use this gemstone.


Understanding the Healing Properties of Chrysoprase


The healing properties of chrysoprase are well known among spiritualists. Described by some as nature’s best antidepressants, this stone is perfect for those times you need a lift. As noted by Sloane Rhodes, emerald chrysoprase can be used with the heart chakra and for energising the sacral chakra.


In her practice, chrysoprase provides the proverbial nudge needed to open up. Placing it on her heart chakra as she meditates, Rhodes often feels a relentless yet gentle energy coming from the stone. Much like a Guardian Angel subtly coaxing you to release any negative emotions, chrysoprase is designed to guide you towards inner peace. In fact, as Rhodes describes it, this stone “never lets you off the hook”.


What’s interesting about this tone is the way many practitioners describe its healing power. As well as evoking feelings of nature and freshness, green is also associated with relaxation. Why do TV studios have something known as a green room for guests? Simple: because this colour has calming properties. Chrysoprase gemstone omits these vibes but it does it in a unique way.


Rather than a faint hum you might experience from a stone such as rose quartz, this healer has a strong, much more rhythmic beat. In the same way that warrior tribes will beat their drums before they head into battle, emerald chrysoprase gradually ramps up the intensity, driving the vibrations into your heart chakra and through the body. As the waves pulsate, they slowly awaken your energy system. These intense but soothing vibrations gradually loosen any negative emotions. This is the proverbial opening up that many chrysoprase users describe.


Once the vibrations have cast off the shackles and given your mind space to breath, positive thoughts can flow back into your body. Only by drilling down into the unconscious parts of your mind can you release the pressure and give yourself the opportunity to be free.


As always, the healing process will be different for everyone. However, if you need a restorative reset, chrysoprase can be a great way to tackle the following ailments:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Low energy levels
  • Broken chakras
  • Negativity
  • Spiritual shifts
  • Jealousy
  • Anger, bitterness and resentment

Alternative Uses for Chrysoprase Gemstone


Chrysoprase is one of the more versatile gemstones when it comes to healing. Although almost all users apply it to their heart chakra during meditation, it can also be used to energise and restore in other ways. One interesting alternative use for chrysoprase is yoga. Because this stone is all about realignment, it fits perfectly with the fundamental principles of yoga.


Indeed, any yoga practitioner will tell you that it’s all about physical and mental balance. To get the most out of a chrysoprase gemstone during a yoga session, it’s preferable to have it touching the body. This can be via a neckless or bracelet. Alternatively, you can hold it in your hand during certain poses. If that’s not an option, simply place it the top of your mat throughout the session.


Emerald chrysoprase is also great for energising water. By placing your stone in the bath, it’s possible to intensify the resonance of its healing vibrations. If you use this technique alongside mantras providing light in times of darkness, baths become more relaxing and the stone’s healing effects can be intensified.


However, even if you choose to simply hold this gemstone over your heart chakra, you may find that it helps reset, rebalance and restore your positive energy. By ridding your mind of negativity and clearing the way for love, this powerful gemstone can be the ideal way to lift your spirits.


Published: 10 April 2019

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