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Christmas Karma: The Ghosts of Past, Present and the Future


Christmas is a time when we reflect upon our life path. Charles Dickens' brilliant novel “A Christmas Carol” is the perfect karmic vehicle for introspection and growth.


What is Karma?


So, what is karma? The word means roughly “action”. It has been considered as one of the natural laws of the mind. It is viewed as a divine instrument of justice.
For any action, good or bad, there is a mirror reaction.

In some religions Karma is intrinsically entwined in the concept of reincarnation. Life is considered a classroom where we learn and grow. If we choose to run away from our chance to grow, the lesson will be repeated in our current or future lives.  It is accepted that good or bad actions may be revisited in future lives.  However, only
God or the Universe has the complete lowdown on the intricate workings of karma. Spruce up your soul and release yourself from the self-imposed karma of holding on to past hurt and bad memories. Every day you have the choice to remove the chains of negativity and feel the joy of living.


Ghosts of Karma


Go back in time; back to when you were a child. Take the hand of the ghost of Christmas past and remember how it felt to be filled with festive excitement. Remember the anticipation of Christmas Eve and feel it in every fibre of your body. Enjoy the feeling of being free and full of fun and bring it into your adult body. See the world through the eyes of a child and dump cynicism and regret.

With your new perspective allow the ghost of Christmas present to embrace you as you examine the relationships and people in your life. Could you be kinder, less judgmental, more compassionate? Do you allow others to walk all over you for a quiet life? Surround yourself now with a force field of positive energy and visualize the new improved you. Open your heart to others and dare to be vulnerable. Flowing positive energy to others will release negative karmic bonds.

Give yourself the best present ever by learning to change, grow and love yourself.

Our final visitation is the ghost of Christmas future. Take his hand and empower your destiny by imagining a positive and fulfilled destiny. Using the law of attraction map out your year; run a virtual time line and instruct your soul what you want to achieve. Get out of bumbling along letting life happen. Believe that you can have what you want. Visualise it, see it, feel it. Push and motivate yourself to give more, achieve more

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