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Choosing and Storing Your Crystals - Be Crystal-Savvy!


All crystals absorb and give off subtle power, but each crystal is unique.  They may seem static – even lifeless – but inside there is a dynamo of energy!  Through the ages, crystals have been used not only as decoration, but also as symbols of beauty and influence, for good health and other benefits, and as a focus for magical power.  Why are you attracted to crystals?  There may well be several reasons.  Those you choose will be your friends as long as you need them, so pick them with care and treat them with kindness.



Choosing Crystals


Crystals are easily obtained from many specialist or ‘gift-y’ shops.  It may sometimes seem to you that a crystal ‘calls’ you from across a room, and I have a heart-shaped piece of green tourmaline that did just that to me, when I was at a crystal demonstration, many years ago.  This crystal calms me down and helps me to be creative.  If you are not quite sure when choosing a stone, I find it helps to hold it in the palm of your left hand, and close your eyes for a moment.  How do you feel?  What mental pictures can you see, or what else comes to your mind?  Don’t let anyone hurry you or feed you a sales pitch – a crystal is an important companion.  If you are new to crystals, it may help to build a collection of cheap tumble-stones, so you can find out which ‘family’ (e.g. amethyst, rose-quartz etc.) appeals to you most.


Cleansing Your Crystals


Crystals have their own essence and are often self-cleansing, but I usually find they pick up impressions from their surroundings and it is best to give them a new start in your home.  Be especially careful with anything that has been owned, worn or used by anyone else.  You can cleanse with the power of your mind, imagining your crystal being held in a shining waterfall of spiritual energy.  You may cleanse physically in spring water, or a running stream but be aware that some crystals, such as selenite, are water-soluble.  Never use salt-water for crystals as it can damage them.  You could also pass your crystal through incense-smoke or close to a candle-flame.  A safe method would be to leave your crystal overnight in a bed of rose-petals or organic rice, throwing the rice or petals away in the morning.  Or your new crystal, if small enough, can be left overnight on a large cluster of clear quartz.


Charging Your Crystals


You have chosen and cleansed your special stone – now is the time to welcome it into your personal space.  Take a few deep breaths, allow your breathing to become steady, and relax your body.  Take your crystal between your palms and send your life-energy into it, imagining it pulsating with your own individual power.  Your crystal is now extra-special, and connected with you.


Storing Your Crystals


You may like to keep your beautiful crystals on show, which is fine, but be aware of the effect they are having.  Many crystals in one room can make for rather a ‘jumbled’ energy, so it may be best to pick specific stones for the effect you want – for instance I have large pieces of rose quartz in the sitting-room, to preserve a peaceful family atmosphere!  Crystals that are on show need to be regularly cleansed, especially if they are handled by several people.  If you are going to use your crystals for healing or in rituals, it may be better to store them out of sight, unless you want to be continually cleansing them – however, they should be cleansed after each use, unless it is solely by you in a private and uplifting rite.  Wrap each of your crystals separately, in black velvet and put them away, safely in a drawer.  Then each time you want to use or consult the wisdom of your crystals, they will be waiting for you, bright and fresh.


Your Crystal Notebook


There are many ways you can use, and learn from your crystals.  The experience you have with these amazing stones will be yours, and yours alone, and soon you will learn to rely on your own impressions rather than what you read.  Make sure you have a special notebook or file that you keep to record all your crystal activities, from finding and choosing to what effect you achieved when you use them.  In this way you are building a store of wisdom.

If you need any extra advice on spiritual matters, our readers at The Circle are always there for you to consult, so if you are unsure, put in a call.

PUBLISHED: 01 July 2014

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