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Celebrate November Fifth 2017

Bonfires and funfairs, sparklers and rockets – November Fifth and the days around it can be exciting. Festivals that stir us at a deep level often have an extra significance. What does Bonfire Night really mean and how can you use it to make positive change and move on?
Find out more about:
  • Guy Fawkes
  • Fireworks
  • Rockets
  • Sparklers
And how all these can work for you.



Historically November 5th is related to Guy Fawkes and his attempt to blow up parliament. He was prevented from doing this and horribly punished by being hung, drawn and quartered – not burnt, like the ‘guy’ on top of the bonfire. These days the tradition of the ‘guy’ is less popular, but not many decades ago children often made life-size dolls from rags and sticks. These were shown off and money collected for festivities by begging ‘A penny for the guy’.
This sounds morbid, but may have caught on because of instinctual links with more ancient practices. At this time of year, when the cold and dark approaches, there was understandably a fear of what winter would bring. Would there be enough food? Would the weather be so bad that people would grow ill and die? Primitive people wanted to make sure the gods were on their side and so human sacrifice was probably practiced. The sacrifice on the bonfire was the price paid for the survival of everyone else.
This is enough to send a shiver down anyone’s spine, but why not look at this from a positive angle? What in your life can you ‘sacrifice’ to make way for something better? Perhaps you would like to give up a habit, like smoking or eating junk-food. If so, why not throw your packet of fags or your wrappers onto the bonfire, affirming that they are a thing of the past. Now, as the darkness approaches, with it come wisdom, time to reflect and new values.
If you want to move on from a difficult phase in your life, the bonfire is the place for letters, cards, photos and any reminders of the past. Fire is cleansing and renewing. Watch as the flames transform all that negativity into bright energy to power you through towards something better.


In time-honoured magical beliefs there are Four Elements, which are four states of being – Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Each of these has spirits associated with it.  Air has Sylphs, Earth Gnomes, Water Undines and Fire has Salamanders. In cold countries, as winter comes along, we do not have much contact with Salamanders. Our warmth comes from central heating radiators, our light from bulbs. There is little sunlight for the Salamanders to beam in on and few naked flames for them to dance. 
Whether you literally believe in these spirits or just think they are a way of talking about energies doesn’t really matter. Instinctively we are aware that without flame there is something missing. Fire brings inspiration, motivation and drive. We all benefit from this and fireworks are the most energizing manifestation there is.
Animals often get upset by fireworks, so protect them and keep them shut in. For yourself, why not enjoy the displays, experiencing the energy and vibrancy. Imagine the multi-coloured sparks rising within you. What parts of you would you like to stir up and see explode in fountains of light? Focus on one thing you want to develop in your life, light the blue touch-paper and ignite your passion.


Rockets can be breath-taking, soaring up into the stars and exploding in a million flashes. There is no better symbol for hopes and dreams that you want to give flight.
Try this little spell. Write your ambition on a small piece of paper and attach it to a rocket with a little sticky tape. Keep paper and tape to the minimum so as not to affect the ignition of the rocket. Visualise your dreams as clearly as you can – feel the excitement and fulfillment of them coming true.
Following the instructions carefully, ignite your rocket and as it zooms up into the sky feel yourself jet-propelled towards your goal. Whenever you need a boost of motivation and zeal, just think of your rocket – and we have lift-off!


Sparklers put the energy of the Salamanders right in your hand. Hold your sparkler at arms length and carefully write out your wish in the air. Try to do this three times before the sparkler dies out. 
You can have three wishes with three sparklers, each spelled out three times, conjuring some simple Bonfire Night magic. Make this your time to move on with va-va-voom!



We’ve looked at Guy Fawkes, fireworks, rockets and sparklers, and what all of these can mean as you use them to alter your outlook. This can be an energizing and empowering time, but if you need extra help a personal service is always at hand with our team of Readers. If you want encouragement and some extra inspiration, put in a call as a Bonfire Night treat for yourself and set your ambitions alight.


PUBLISHED: 02 November 2017

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