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Celebrate British Flowers Week 2015 – The Language of Flowers


British Flowers Week runs from Monday June 15th to Friday June 19th, celebrating fabulous flowers in the glory of Midsummer.  However, flowers aren’t just decorative.  In many countries they are connected with religious festivals - for instance in Japan the cherry blossom signals the birthday of Buddha.  Children carry flowers in procession, bringing them to small temples, and decking out their homes.  This has evolved from ancient pagan customs when people would gather new blooms on the hills and bring them back to the family shrine, as a sign of rebirth.  We are still subconsciously aware that flowers mean life, beauty and the ever-renewing promise of Nature. 



Flowers Convey Messages


The Ancient Egyptians used flowers to send messages in code, as did the Chinese, Indians and Ancient Greeks.  By the time of Shakespeare these meanings were written down – for instance Ophelia’s ‘Rosemary for remembrance’.  In the early 18th Century, this was formalised as a way for lovers to communicate privately.


•    WHITE FLOWERS mean innocence and secrecy.
•    RED FLOWERS indicate passion and deep love.
•    YELLOW FLOWERS bring warnings and maybe show jealousy.
•    FULL-PETALLED flowers mean intense emotion.
•    AUTUMNAL SHADES show gentle affection, or could mean feelings are fading.
•    A SMALL FLOWER conveys uncertainty.
•    A TALL FLOWER hints at high ambitions, and possibly spirituality.


Flower Meanings


In addition to the general significance of colours or shapes, individual flowers have their own special meanings.


ANEMONE – hope to see you soon.
APPLE BLOSSOM – you are beautiful and I respect you.
AZALEA – we must be careful not to be seen together.
BLUEBELL – I will be faithful.
BUTTERCUP -  I share everything with you.
PINK CARNATION – thanks for your welcome message.
RED CARNATION – can’t bear not to see you, lets meet up soon.
YELLOW CARNATION – you’ve let me down and my feelings have died.
BROWN CHRYSANTHEMUM – let’s still be friends.
RED CHRYSANTHEMUM – I love and desire you.
YELLOW CHRYSANTHEMUM – I love someone else.
WHITE CHRYSANTHEMUM – I swear I will always tell you the truth.
HYACINTH – I am sorry we are parted
PASSION FLOWER – you are my twin soul.
PEONY – sorry I was so insensitive.
PINK RIOSE – I’m scared to show my feelings.
RED ROSE – I’m deeply in love with you.
WHITE ROSE – we must keep our feelings secret.
WILD (DOG) ROSE – I love you from afar.
SNAPDRAGON – rejection – it’s all over between us.
VIOLET – you can trust me forever.
WALLFLOWER – I will love you even when times are sad.


Giving Flowers


If you want to send a message through flowers, why not choose from the above list.  Even if the person receiving them doesn’t know the flower-language, the meaning may still get through to their subconscious.  Better still, when you give flowers, close your eyes as you hold the pot or bouquet and imagine your feelings being beamed into the blooms.  Ask the flower fairies to make sure your message gets through.  Hopefully this is a friendly or loving one, and the flowers will radiate the warm emotion.

The beauty of flowers and the natural world can lift your spirits, but sometimes that isn’t enough – and that’s where we come in.  We can offer medium readings and psychic readings and our on-line mediums are always there with their insight and wisdom from beyond this world.  Getting a reading could awaken you to the joys of life and give you the confidence to convey your message – with or without flowers.  Put in a call today and be reassured and supported.


PUBLISHED: 12 June 2015

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