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Career Crossroads? Five Questions To Clarify Your Goals


Are you concerned about your future employment? Maybe you’re thinking about going for promotion or taking a change of direction. Perhaps you’ve been feeling for a while that things aren’t quite right.


Improve your life and understand yourself and your priorities by considering these five questions:
  • What do you love doing?
  • What are you good at?
  • How much is fear holding you back?
  • What are your lifestyle requirements?
  • Should you re-train?


People choose their jobs for many reasons.  You may be in your job because of the money you can earn.  It may also be connected with where you live, general convenience and what’s available.  Possibly you have been pushed into your current employment because of the wishes of others, such as what your family expects or what suits your partner.  You may also be doing it because it gives you status, or just because it’s the only thing you feel is available to you.  Some people hate their jobs, which is tragic.  Going in day after day to do something you detest is soul destroying.
If you are at career crossroads, ask yourself what you love doing.  You might not have focussed on this since you were a child, but now’s the time to turn your mind back to those playful days.  Do you like meeting people?  Getting out and about?  Are you mechanically minded?  Do you love words, or numbers, or growing plants or cooking, or IT – or any of a host of things that could connect with your employment.  Remember that your job does not have to be totally about what you enjoy – for instance, if you love gardening working at a Garden Centre might suit you.
To find success, you should be doing at least some of what you love.  Only in that way can you put the right kind of energy into your career.  Only by loving your job can things flow for you.  So don’t accept that you have to knuckle down and do what you hate.  Resolve to find something that interests and absorbs you.


You may accept that your job is ‘just a job’ and doesn’t use any particular talent that you may have.  In fact you may even forget what you’re good at and settle for just getting by.  Again, turn your mind back to the past and remember what you were good at, at school .
The things you’re a whiz at may be the same as what you enjoy, but not necessarily.  If you’re great at doing something you might take it for granted, not realising how valuable or unique it may be.  However, to find the greatest success in life you need to be expressing your natural talents – otherwise why did the Universe give them to you?


If you’ve been agonising about a career-change for a while, what’s been stopping you moving onwards?  Maybe you’ve been telling yourself you have to be realistic, or wondering if now is the right time.  The answer is probably that no, you’re not being totally ‘realistic’ and that now isn’t the ‘right’ time – because it never is!
It’s never going to be totally ‘realistic’ to put your security on the line, and probably it will never be the ‘right’ time because there is always something going on in life that you could blame for making extra demands on you.  But these ‘points’ are not really the point!  
If you yearn for changes then the only real thing holding you back is fear.  How are you going to feel twenty or thirty years from now if you never have a go?  Never move out of your comfort zone and settle for being frustrated and unfulfilled?  You have this one life to live to the full so don’t let fear keep you rooted to the spot.


Money isn’t everything.  In fact having lots of money does not bring happiness.  This fact is borne out by research – rich people are often less happy than those who have enough.  The question you need to answer is what is ‘enough’ for you?
For instance, you may long for a career in music but could you really be content busking and living in a van?  Perhaps you dream of being a writer, but could you live in one room while you tap out your best-seller?
These questions are not intended to discourage you, but to focus your mind.  While you are putting together positive plans and visualisations for your self-expression, affirm to yourself that you will have your minimum standard of living and be comfortable.


Mid-career it can be hard to retrain.  Probably you will be committed to certain regular expenses with housing etc.  Think carefully about whether your choice really does require training or if there is some other way.  However, if you truly do need to re-train, face that fact squarely and get on with it.
Re-training may mean a considerable drop in standard of living and may be very difficult for a while, but that won’t be for long when you consider your entire future is involved.  Get as much help as you can in grants and loans, and keep your mind firmly and positively on a successful future.

How We Can Help


To make that career choice you can turn your mind to what you enjoy, what you’re good at, to how much fear is playing a part, to what lifestyle you need and whether you should re-train.  All of these questions will help you on your journey.  However, you may still feel stuck, and that’s when you need some intuitive help.  Contact one of our insightful Readers without delay and get all the help and advice you need for a fresh start.



PUBLISHED: 10 July 2018


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