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Calendar Of Colour - July Indigo

As we move past the Summer Solstice into July, summer comes fully into bloom and the longed for holiday is in sight, the colour Indigo comes into its own.
Indigo is a mixture of blue and violet and was originally derived from a plant. It is a cool colour, ideal for what can be the hottest days of the season, but also one that combines the clear thought of blue with the sensitivity and inspiration of violet. 


Power of Indigo

It is a colour of clarity, vision and purpose, so is very helpful to wear, or have around you, for planning and organising the holidays, festivals, celebrations and events of summer. 
And if you have to work through July, it is useful for planning work projects too, as it activates intelligence and enables you to access a high level of perception. Indigo helps you to focus and structure.
Indigo is often referred to as a “New Age” colour and is the colour of the third eye- the chakra that relates to inner vision. It has mystic and intuitive qualities and many spiritual workers have this colour in their aura. It also relates to truth and loyalty, idealism, faith and high principles. 
Indigo in your aura indicates a conscientious and reliable person, a good communicator who is strong in a crisis. These people can be creative, influential and powerful, from the violet influence, but this is tempered by the kindness, loyalty and compassion of the blue ray. Indigo people tend to get on with both sexes, it is an androgynous colour that carries a high level of understanding and the capacity to absorb advanced knowledge.
Those with Indigo in their aura tend to work in an environment where they can either support others; social work, teaching, care work, counselling and psychic work, or to inspire as a writer, artist or musician.
When out of balance Indigo people can be self-critical, dramatic and oversensitive. Their enquiring mind can become too serious, focused on the negative, and their normal caring and sensitive attitude to others can turn to selfishness and inconsideration of other’s needs.
The complimentary colour for Indigo is orange, which brings positivity, practicality and optimism to high minded Indigo, easing the tendency to be self- critical and enhancing creative energy.
Other colours that work well with Indigo are green and pink- both heart centred colours that work well with the sensitivity and compassion of Indigo and bring light and balance to its darkness.
A dislike of Indigo can point to not being comfortable with structure.

Imagine Indigo Around You

If Indigo is not in your wardrobe or d├ęcor you can absorb its influence by using simple visualisations.
One way to do this is to close your eyes, take a few deep breathes to steady and centre yourself, then imagine you are standing in a garden gazing up at the night sky. Feel the power of its height and breadth, see the pattern of stars sprinkled across it. 
Know and feel that you are part of the infinite structure that is the Universe. Feel the Indigo ray filling you with its energy and stay with this feeling for a few moments before returning to yourself and where you are now, to open your eyes.
Another way is to sit quietly, with your eyes closed, again taking a few deep breathes to ground and centre. Then imagine you are sitting in a bubble of clear, transparent light. When you have this image clear in your mind, imagine the bubble gradually filling with Indigo light. Feel your body and your being absorbing this light and with it the qualities of the Indigo ray that you wish to develop. Sit there until your bubble is completely filled up and you have absorbed as much Indigo as you can. Then allow the colour to fade away until your bubble is clear again, before coming back to yourself and where you are now to open your eyes.
Both of these visualisations can be particularly helpful to use if you have an event to organise or a project you need to focus on.
Enjoy July and make the best of the perception, clarity and purpose of the Indigo ray. If you would like some personal guidance, why not have a Psychic Reading with us? Our experienced Readers can help you with any issues and give you clarity for the future.  So book a call now.
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