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Benefits and Blessings of Giving


You may have been brought up to believe that ‘it is more blessed to give than to receive.’  Much of our society is built upon getting as much as we can and there are people who may mock the advantages of giving, seeing it as weak, or stupid.  However, spiritual people have long been aware of how important it is to be generous, and science has now come onside with support. 



Positive Effects Of Giving


The positive effects of giving have been well documented in respectable studies. For example, a study conducted in 2006 by Jorge Moll and colleagues, at the National Institute of Health, proved that regions of the brain associated with pleasure, social connection and trust are activated when people give to charities. This gives the sensation of a warm glow, through mind and body. There is also some evidence to indicate that when we do something unselfish, endorphins (which are the body’s own equivalent of morphine) are released in the brain, causing a lovely, positive feeling called ‘helper’s high’.

True giving isn’t about depriving yourself ‘for the good of your soul’. It is about entering into the needs and joys of another person. In the end this makes you feel that you are connected to something much wider and greater than your little ‘self’ – so life has more meaning and your outlook becomes more spiritual. It also stops that lonely, isolated feeling that is actually the by-product of too much selfish ‘getting’. An awareness of being connected is actually a basic human need – so when you give, truly you also receive.

So how can you shift from an attitude of ‘what’s in it for me?’ to ‘what can I give to others?’ Like all deep changes, this is unlikely to come overnight, so you’ll need to practise. Try some, or all of the following, and review how you feel in six month’s time. Chances are you’ll be more optimistic and positive in outlook.

•   Make an inner commitment to move towards a ‘what can I give?' mentality.

•   Each evening before you go to sleep, list what you have done for others, just to make them happy. Note how this made you feel.

•   Each morning focus on what you are going to give during the coming day. Pick at least three generous actions. Try to make sure that you don’t have a hidden agenda, such as impressing someone who is watching.

•   Every so often commit an act of random kindness. Soon you will find that the impulse to do these becomes greater. Often they will lead to fun, laughter and new contacts.

•   Every time you enter an unfamiliar situation, such as starting a new job or going out to a party, resolve that you will concentrate on what you can do for other people rather than what you can get for yourself.

•   Decide how much of your income you could reasonably give away, and put that aside each month for the charity, person or cause of your choice.

•   Try to give to every charity, because each time you give you get a buzz. If you can only afford a very small amount, it will still be uplifting to know you’ve done your bit.

•   Each time you go shopping buy a little gift for someone else. This can be something very small, such as a bar of chocolate, but it truly is ‘the thought that counts’.

•   Really listen to people and empathise with what they are going through. Is there some way you can help? Of course you must be careful not to be taken for a ride – risking your own well-being isn’t generosity, it’s foolishness, and in the end if your stores have been emptied you won’t be able to help anyone. However, if you can make things a little better, do so. If everyone acted that way, how much better a place the world would be!

It’s not always easy to change habits and attitudes, even if you know this will be good for you. That’s one of the many reasons we’re here. We can offer medium readings and psychic readings and our on-line mediums are always there with their insight and wisdom from beyond this world. Getting a reading could enable you to become more loving and giving, and feel much better. Put in a call today and be reassured and supported.


PUBLISHED: 2 February 2015

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