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Be Kind And Feel Great


Being kind isn’t just about ‘doing the right thing.’ Yes, it may be good for the soul, but it’s also good for your body, your happiness, your relationships and your career. You don’t have to be hard and ruthless to get on in this life – far from it!


Did you know?

  • When you perform an act of kindness your own parasympathetic nervous responses are activated. This means you are calmed and soothed.
  • Being kind boosts your dopamine levels – your body’s natural equivalent to heroin – giving you a natural ‘high’
  • It releases oxytocin, the ‘love hormone’ bringing lots of warm, fuzzy feelings
  • It’s contagious – if you’re kind to someone they are likely to be kind right back
  • Kindness has a healing effect, on yourself and others

Six Reasons to be Kind


So there are plenty of reasons to decide to be kind – why not start practicing today?

1)  Try random acts of kindness

If you see someone needing something, why not give it to them, if you can? Give a beggar money for a cup of tea and a bun. Help someone who’s struggling with their bags. Do a small favour for a friend. There’s no need to over-commit or turn yourself into a martyr. You don’t have to give up huge amounts of time and energy – it’s showing you care that counts.

2)  Say some nice things

Pay sincere compliments whenever you can. Draw the attention of your companions to anything pleasant, such as a wonderful sunset, a puppy playing or some beautiful wildflowers. Try to say at least one nice thing to each person you spend time with during the day and leave your companions with a cheerful outlook.

3)  Practice Empathy

Empathy isn’t the same as sympathy, where you may feel sorry for a person or try to soothe them. Empathy means entering their emotional world, feeling what it’s like to be inside their skin. So if someone is angry, identify with the strain they’re under – their lives may be really stressful and unhappy. If a person is judgemental, realise how unpleasant it is to be so rigid, and how much they must fear being ‘in the wrong’. Empathising with unpleasant types doesn’t encourage them. Instead your mild and tolerant approach can defuse the situation, making everyone feel better. It also shows you that being kind can be much more powerful than aggression.

4)  Be supportive

You may have your reservations about your friend’s new venture, relationship, job or attitude to life, but are you being negative? Whatever you feel, say some positive things. Spread the word, too, as long as you’re not breaking any confidence. You can help by giving out some good news.

5)  Throw an optimistic light

You’ll need to be careful about this one. Because there’s nothing worse than saying everything’s great to someone who’s down in the dumps or has just suffered a knock-back. But where you can, there’s no harm in giving a positive slant and showing that you are counting blessings – for that can be contagious, also.

6)  Just smile

If you aren’t quite sure what to do, how to make someone feel better, spread happiness or mend a situation, try smiling. Of course it’s not a good idea to smile at someone who’s in a rage, or very distressed, because that wouldn’t be empathic. But mostly a smile – cheery or gentle – works wonders. Smile at people in shops and in bus queues, and be a portable ray of sunshine!

Kindness is something to aim for, but don’t beat yourself up if you can’t achieve it. Being kind to others can be a struggle, especially if you feel that life isn’t kind to you, or you’ve suffered cruelty from others. At TheCircle you can always contact a Psychic or Medium who can help you. Benefit from a Psychic Reading, check your Horoscope, get some advice, insight and support. A Clairvoyant Reading can show ways to move on and be gentle, especially with yourself, so make contact with us without delay.


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