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Be In The Moment

Do you ever wonder where your time has gone? Do you feel you are missing out, that you are so busy you aren’t enjoying anything and that life has lost its meaning? Being ‘in the moment’ is an attitude and if you develop it then you will get so much more out of life – and feel calmer into the bargain!

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  • Day long practices
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Being more spiritual means you see deeper meaning, you make an effort to connect yourself to a wider reality and you are aware that there is much more to existence than the material. You may do several things to become spiritual, such as meditation, yoga, taking part in groups with like-minded friends etc. However, day-to-day, minute-by-minute is your spirituality a part of your life? Living in the moment means you can practice what you preach and really feel a sense of Spirit.


When you wake up in the morning, connect consciously with your body. Be aware of all your sensations, the mood you are in and the emotions you are experiencing. Connect also with those you live with, such as your partner, children and – perhaps especially – your pet. As you make your morning drink be truly present at each step. It can be a lovely idea to make a ritual out of your morning cup of coffee, first grinding the beans, measuring them out, filling the cafetiere, inhaling the amazing aroma and finally drinking your coffee. This can be a simple but powerful rite of self-awareness and connection with the gifts of the earth.
Plan your day consciously. This should be more than a ‘to-do’ list. Be aware that you are being creative, that this day will take you forward and change you. Even if what you achieve is relatively unremarkable, by the days end you will have made a difference.
Finally, take a moment to be grateful for all you have and all you are able to do. Take the glow of gratitude into your day with you.


As the day progresses keep reminding yourself to be mindful. You can tie a cord around your wrist to jog your memory, so you don’t go onto autopilot. Stay connected to how you’re operating, what your attitude is, your movements, your reactions. Enjoy small things, such as textures and sounds. Are you really concentrating or is your mind wandering? Are you enjoying your activities or are they onerous? Sometimes by attending to the present, boring activities can, paradoxically, become more interesting.
Get involved in physical movement and be intensely conscious of your body, your muscles and sinews, your breathing, your strength. If you are desk-bound, regularly get up and be aware of stretching your legs. Try to go for a proper walk, or run, and tune in to the feelings and responses of your body.
When connecting with other people, pay attention to your actions and reactions. Are you truly listening to them? Are you judging them, putting them in a pigeonhole before they have a chance to prove themselves? Do they trigger difficult or happy emotions in you? Are you able to empathise and make them understand you? Is the connection between you progressing in a positive way?


Now is the time for slowing down, evaluating, congratulating yourself for your achievements however small they may be and deciding on positive changes you can make tomorrow. Go through your day from start to finish, and maybe make notes about it. This will give you greater choice about how you live, going forwards, and put you more in control.
Connect once more with the people who share your home. Notice how they are. Ask them about their day and note also the feelings and reactions that you experience. Tell them about the important parts of your day. Connect with pets and let their healing presence help you to unwind.
Put on comfortable clothes and have a ritual of unwinding, such as bathing, reading, lighting a candle, listening to music and keeping your daily journal. This will enable you to be both aware of your day and ready to leave it behind. Try to avoid TV and social media because they aren’t conducive to mindfulness, or restful sleep.
As your head meets the pillow, connect finally with your body, noticing any areas of tension or discomfort and sending peace and healing to them. Once again, experience gratitude for all the good things of the day and for the comfort that you are now experiencing.



We have looked at some observances for you to practice, in the morning, through the day and into the evening. These will keep you connected to yourself and therefore to your spiritual essence. If you still feel disconnected, or unable to relax, or if you need some extra help, our uplifting Readers are always available, waiting to connect you with that inner sense of meaning and bringing you peace. Put in a call without delay and be blessed by serenity.


PUBLISHED: 12 July 2017

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