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Aventurine Meaning and Properties


Regarded as one of the luckiest stones around, sleek and shiny Aventurine is also known as the ‘stone of opportunity’. The aventurine crystal is a type of quartz and is typically green in colour, although it can also be found in other colours, from blue an purple to yellow, orange and more. Green aventurine is said to be the most powerful colour and it has the widest range of benefits associated with it.




Aventurine Meaning


Famous for the good fortune, power and decision-making abilities that it is reputed to bring, the aventurine stone has long been cherished by gamblers and by anyone who just wants to get an extra slice of luck in their life. Its natural beauty is one of the reasons why it is sought after by so many, but far more important is the range of benefits that have long been associated with it. It is the gemstone that symbolises eight years of marriage. In addition, it is Libra’s birthstone in Ayurvedic astrology, Cancer’s mystical birthstone and Taurus’ planetary stone.


This crystal is most typically mined in India and is also found in countries such as Brazil, Chile, China and Tanzania. However, the aventurine crystal meaning and name come from the Italian phrase ‘a ventura”, which means ‘by chance’. The name dates from the time in the 18th century when an Italian glass-maker accidentally added metal filings to some melting glass, resulting in a new, pretty type of glass. The name was given to this beautiful type of glass with randomly located sparkles. When a naturally occurring stone with a similar look was discovered, the name was applied to this, too.


Other names used for this stone include ‘stone of opportunity’ and ‘lucky talisman’. In the past, it was also known as ‘the stone of the Amazons’. This alternative aventurine crystal meaning was given due to the discovery of aventurine deposits in Brazil that were apparently mined by Amazonian tribes, with the rocks then carved into jewellery and talismans.




Aventurine Healing Properties


Which aventurine properties could be most useful in your life? It is most commonly known for the good fortune and prosperity it is said to attract. However, Aventurine crystals also offer a range of healing properties that are well worth understanding, too. The fact is that many people use it for a great variety of reasons. This stone is regarded as being a powerful, all-purpose healer that lowers stress levels and helps to increase the user’s confidence levels. It is also associated with a number of more specific health issues and emotional benefits.


For example, it can help to calm negative emotions in the lower abdominal area, such as anger or irritation, bringing a sense of harmony and tranquillity to the user. For this reason, it is often used to soothe and improve strained relationships that are being destroyed by bad tempers and a lack of calm understanding. Other benefits that are attributed to this attractive crystal include helping to relieve stammering, stabilising a person’s state of mind and balancing blood pressure. It has also been said to stimulate the body’s metabolism, lower cholesterol and ease allergies. Each colour of the stone is also said to have additional properties, too.


Green aventurine properties: This is a well-rounded healing crystal that aids the heart. It can also be useful in helping you to get a greater appreciation of nature. Indeed, it has been reported that among the green aventurine metaphysical properties is the ability to protect us against modern dangers such as electromagnetic smog, environmental pollution and even mobile phone emissions.  This colour of the stone has been said to aid the physical growth of anyone born prematurely.


Blue aventurine properties: It is renowned for helping addicts to find the strength to overcome their addictions. This colour is also linked to spiritual growth and better communication.


Yellow aventurine properties: In this case, the aventurine metaphysical properties allow people to regain more control over their lives and to become more decisive, too.



Other Uses of Aventurine


Aventurine is a popular stone for those who wish to meditate. The simplest method of meditating with this crystal is to hold it while breathing deeply and clearing all negativity and unwanted emotions from your mind. It is also commonly used in forest bathing. This is an activity where you walk in a forest with the crystal while breathing deeply, and which is said to open the heart chakra. If you want to balance your chakras you should choose your colour, as follows:

  • Green aventurine – heart chakra
  • Blue aventurine – third eye chakra and throat chakra
  • Yellow aventurine – solar plexus chakra and sacral chakra

Aventurine has also traditionally been used as a means of promoting creativity. This is a belief that originally comes from Tibet and that has now reached many other parts of the word. When drunk as an elixir, it is effective in relieving skin problems such as eczema, rosacea or juvenile acne. This is done by soaking a fragment of stone overnight in demineralised water.


Anyone who wants to use aventurine crystal to increase their wealth has a number of ways of doing so. One is to carry a green aventurine stone in a pocket on your left side while carrying out a task that requires luck, such a buying a lottery ticket. Another idea is to put three of these stones in a dish in front of a gnome in your garden. With red aventurine, you can place it in a red bag alongside ginger or cinnamon.


With all of these properties and benefits allied to a beautiful presentation, it is no wonder that the sparkling aventurine crystal is so popular with so many people these days. It is linked to a range of useful benefits in terms of health and well-being, making it one of the most interesting and potentially useful crystals for anyone who is interested in improving their life naturally.


Published: 10 April 2019

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