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Be Authentic – Succeed By Being The Real You

In the stressful world of today it’s so easy to lose sight of the ‘real’ you. In fact you may well have lost all idea of what that might be. If you’re feeling adrift and empty, with little meaning in life, then it’s time to rediscover your authentic self, and succeed as the person you were always meant to be.

In the following we look at:
  • How to stop being so ‘busy’
  • Switching off
  • Listening to yourself
  • Honouring your beliefs and ideals
  • Asking the right questions of life


Like most people you probably dash around trying to complete as many tasks as you can, as quickly as you can. Probably you measure your success by how much you get done – until you wake up and realise that’s getting you nowhere. You’re only ever as good as the last thing you did, and if that’s not up to standard (a ‘standard’ probably set by other people) then you feel a failure. How can that be the real you?
The point here is not necessarily to change your life, or your aims, but to change your perspective. What is life really all about? True meaning isn’t found by completing chores – it’s there when you live in the moment and learn to appreciate all the small gifts and blessings. Why not get off the hamster wheel and find simple joy in sunsets and rainbows, flowers and smiles?
No-one, on their deathbed, ever said they wished they spent more time at the office. You are in the middle of your vibrant life, but it may be helpful to imagine how you will feel, when your last moments approach. This isn’t morbid, it’s about discovery of what actually matters. What will you feel pleased about doing? That’s what to concentrate on.


It’s almost impossible to find your true self when you’re surrounded by noise and technology. These days many of us experience life through our smart-phones and tablets, photographing life instead of living it and responding to every ping and ring as more important than interacting with people and events around us.
Technology can be so invasive and can rob you of yourself – how can you avoid this? The answer is very simple – just switch off.
Promise yourself that you will have an hour at least each day when you are disconnected from info-tech. At the weekend this should be even longer – maybe a half-day, or day. Allow yourself to experience quietness, stillness, the knowledge that no-one can get hold of you and that you do not have to message anyone. This could make you uneasy at first, especially if you’re used to being on-line 24/7, but before long you will find it very liberating.
In the peace that you experience, take the time to reflect. What matters to you? What brings you joy and meaning? Seek these things and you may find that you switch off even more! 


Try to stop and truly listen to the promptings of your heart. As you go through life there are so many events that push you in the direction you are meant to go, if you can only be open to them. This ‘openness’ comes from nurturing peace within yourself, being able to notice synchronicities, and go with the flow.
At the end of each day take the time to review the events that have happened, remarks people have made, the things that have made you think, or given you ideas. All of these are a gift, revealing to you the real ‘you’ and showing your course in life. Learn to notice the ‘flow’ and to go with it, for there is a direction that is being shown to you if you will listen.


As we go through life it is easy to become cynical. All the ideals you had as a young person may now seem impractical or unworkable and you may feel you have to accept that pragmatism is the way forward, and that those beliefs were a mistake. But that is just the pressure of life taking its toll – don’t give in to it.
Yes, there will be times when you feel down and burdened, when it all seems impossible, when you are miles from meeting your own standards and when everything seems tarnished. That’s being human, but there’s another side to this. We all have to make compromises, but you can still hang on to what really matters.
Maybe you have humanitarian or spiritual ideals. Nurture these and don’t feel ashamed that you’ve not lived up to them. They are a beacon to lead you forwards, rather than some kind of strict code – be easy on yourself yet follow your internal light. Then you will always be on the right road.


Being truly authentic is not about finding answers but about asking the right questions. Finding yourself is a journey, and being on that journey is authentic – you don’t have to reach any ultimate conclusions. So ask yourself:
  • What matters most of all to you?
  • What are your true talents, abilities and gifts?
  • What really lights your fire? 
You may like to note these in a journal, remind yourself of them from time to time, write about your current thoughts and latest achievements and regularly re-align yourself with your authentic essence.  It is always there inside, waiting for you to re-connect.



In this article we have looked at stopping being ‘busy’, switching off, listening to yourself, honouring your beliefs and asking the right questions. Following these simple guidelines should help you draw closer to the true, authentic self within. However, life can be so demanding that it’s very easy to become adrift from life’s purpose. Luckily there is always help at hand. Just call one of our perceptive Readers to get your life back on track and find your authentic self.


PUBLISHED: 09 December 2016

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