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Calendar Of Colour - August - Yellow


For August our colour is Yellow, brightest colour in the rainbow spectrum, it is the colour of sunshine and holidays. As the school gates open and the children all pour out, bright, happy, youthful Yellow sends a glowing pulse of energy into the atmosphere. August is the time we celebrate the first harvest of the year; all we have worked for can now be enjoyed with the freedom of Yellow. Yellow is fun loving and brings a zest to life. Our mood in August tends to be tolerant and broadminded as we enjoy the light and space of summer.



Importance of Yellow

Yellow is the colour of intelligence and intellect. Those with yellow in their aura have enquiring minds, a strong sense of purpose and a wide variety of interests. They love new ideas and often make a living from discovering original and innovative concepts. Yellow relates to information, analysis and communication, so is a very modern colour associated with the media.  Yellow people often work in media and communication, tending to do well and make money with ease.
This colour also brings a youthful appearance and a tendency to attract young people. Yellow is one of the more social colours and those with this colour vibration enjoy people. Their way of open and clear communication makes them charismatic and popular. They are kind, sensitive and intuitive souls and are often drawn to the spiritual and psychic realms, feeling the need to explore the mystery of the unknown.

Less positive side of Yellow

The less positive side of Yellow is that it is difficult to switch off. This colour illuminates the mind, which can lead to mental exhaustion and the tendency to over analyse and misinterpret information, which brings on worry and inability to rest or sleep. A good way to counter this is to introduce yellow’s complimentary colour, which is purple, into the environment; a purple candle or cushion in your bedroom is ideal for this. Purple cools Yellow’s intensity and softens and relaxes its brightness, allowing body and mind to unwind.

Yellow - Solar Plexus chakra

Yellow is the colour of the solar plexus chakra. This is the energy centre that we experience at the centre of our physical body. It is where our personal power and sense of purpose can be found. It is sometimes called the seat of the soul and the source of our spiritual guidance. Meditation on this chakra while visualising the colour Yellow can bring clarity and wisdom from the centre of the Self. When in balance the Yellow chakra enhances our awareness and personal confidence.

Disliking Yellow

An aversion to Yellow can relate to being dazzled by its glare or feeling you have “no place to hide”. It can show that there is difficulty in making decisions or overanalysing and “second guessing” what others will do. Sometimes those not comfortable with Yellow feel powerless, fearful and disorientated, having lost their sense of purpose. At worst this can manifest as a feeling of disappointment and neglect of the self.

Yellow Partners

As partners, those with a Yellow aura are likely to be sensitive, caring and thoughtful and they are certainly fun to be with. They do have a tendency to be flirtatious, as they love interacting with new people and enjoy basking in their own light while being admired. Yellow enjoys personal freedom so tends to avoid making a commitment until they are really sure they are in love. On the rare occasions when Yellow gets a broken heart they will retreat, like a wounded child, or run away and refuse to take responsibility for their actions.

Yellow Parents

Parents with a Yellow aura like to be friends with their children and make great playmates for the young. The generation gap is rarely an issue for Yellow parents. But they are not great with dishing out discipline, as rules and regulations offend their sense of freedom. The creative intelligence of the Yellow vibration gives them the ability to find clever and memorable ways to teach their children about life.

Yellow Children

Children born in the Yellow ray are usually charming and full of fun, often playing the part of the class clown in school. They are confident performers who love to entertain an audience. They are active, curious and energetic, sometimes struggling to sit still. It can be helpful to encourage physical activities, to burn off excess energy. Yellow children are bright and intelligent, with minds that have the ability to understand new concepts quickly and the communication skills to share their ideas.

Yellow Affirmation

“The Yellow ray fills my mind with clarity and wisdom”
Saying this affirmation while visualising the colour Yellow is a great way to access its energy.
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