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Are You Playing Happy Families?


Coming from a happy family is the best start in life, but far too many children do not have this advantage.  If you are struggling to get along, this may be because of problems in your family when you were young.  If you have children you will want to make sure their home life is as happy as possible.  What is a ‘happy’ family, and how can you ensure that yours is one?


A Happy Family


A happy family isn’t necessarily one where everyone is happy all of the time, where there are no arguments and all is sweetness and light. Basically a happy family means each person is accepted for themselves, negative feelings can be talked about and managed, and there is a sense of security, belonging and joyfulness. If your own family wasn’t so happy it may be harder for you to create this, but with a little thought and effort you still can.


The Family that prays together stays together

This doesn’t mean that you have to follow an organised religion, although it does help if you are part of a wider community sharing similar beliefs. If the family are spiritually attuned and ensure that this is regularly practised, an awareness of deeper meanings is created, and is comforting. This could be as simple as saying ‘Thank you world’ at the start of each meal, it could be about recycling and re-using out of respect for the earth, or it could be something formal like going to church together. Above all, the members of a happy family talk about their beliefs. There is room to disagree, but there is respect.


The Family that plays together stays together!

Having fun, laughing and joking, playing games – all of these are great for bonding and relaxing. So turn off the telly and get out the Scrabble board. Or go on a walk, or bike ride, set off for the park, go skating at the local Leisure Centre – anything that’s active and interactive.


Celebrate together

Make a big thing of birthdays and Christmas. Celebrate events like end of term, exams and tests passed – even the fact someone has just got better from a cold! Taking a delight in each other’s achievements, however small, makes happiness spiral outwards.




Be Appreciative

Everyone has faults and no-one is going to experience them more strongly than your nearest and dearest. However, happy families focus on each other’s strengths and good qualities. They are proud of each other. Of course, some rivalry is natural, but that takes second place to being pleased at achievements. Parents in happy families encourage their children and build on their positive qualities rather than lecturing about the negative ones. In this way the children become more confident and have more to give to their siblings.


Encourage Coping Skills

Happy families don’t necessarily do everything or sort everything for each other. Parents of happy children know that they will be much more secure and contented if they know they can cope and solve problems without their parents looking over their shoulder. So in happy families it’s okay to get it wrong sometimes on the way to learning life skills. Each family member is independent and strong – they do not have to live in each other’s pockets or be continually together to know that they are supported.


Prioritise Family

The world brings many demands and expectations and there are lots of other people to please if you want to get on. But in happy families, a sense of family is a priority. Working late may be abandoned when there is an important event to attend. Sons and daughters in law are made aware of the importance of the family – probably they will be enthusiastic about being a part of it because the atmosphere is so warm. Friends are treasured, but never put before family. Family members are all aware of the need to put in a bit of extra effort to keep this wonderful system of support, love and companionship in tip-top condition.


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PUBLISHED: 9 February 2015

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