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Are You Following Your Star?

We all want a sense of life purpose, to know that we are on our true path, expressing our potential, doing what we were meant to do. Maybe you’re following your star – in that case you might find some tips to clarify this even more. Maybe you know what ‘star’ you want to follow, but you can’t see how, or maybe you have a niggling feeling you’re ‘meant’ to be doing something, but you haven’t yet found what. Rest assured, your star is twinkling above you, sending you inspiration, so look up and move onwards!

Check out:
  • Star bright – what is a ‘star’?
  • Are you following yours?
  • Commit to following your star
  • When you can see it, how do you follow it?
  • What to do when it seems you have no star


Although many people may feel that life is a humdrum struggle to make ends meet, there is so much more to it. Life has a deeper meaning. We’re all here to learn some things and achieve others. Even if the tasks are simple and humble, they may be vital in the scheme of things, for the Universe is made of energy, and every ripple, every good thought or deed counts.
So start by believing that you have a special mission. Visualise your individual star twinkling above your head and ask to be inspired and guided.


Answer these questions to see if you’re on track:
  • Do you feel what you do is worthwhile? (This could be paid work, voluntary work, stay-at-home parent or homemaker, or any other role)
  • Does what you are doing express your personal talents?
  • Do you wake most mornings with enthusiasm for the day ahead?
  • At the end of the day do you experience satisfaction with what you’ve done, or tried to do?
  • Does what you do engage you and interest you deeply?
  • Do you have an idea of what your next step should be, in learning and developing?
  • Do you regularly experience moments of pure joy?
If you answered ‘yes’ to four or more of the above, then you are almost certainly following your star.


So you realise that you are following your star – pretty much. It may be that all you need to do is continue on your course – or it may be that you could achieve even more and feel even better.
Ask yourself what it is about your life and actions that especially fulfils and delights you? That gives you most satisfaction and sense of achievement? How might you be able to do more of this? What changes could you make, what training might help?
Above all, be grateful for having found a star to follow. It’s a great gift, and gratitude will attract more of the same.


Maybe you have a good idea of what you want to do and be, but it seems a long way out of reach.
First, ask yourself honestly if the star that’s twinkling so bright is your star. We can all dream of being rich and famous, but that isn’t about personal fulfilment and self-expression.
If you are sure that star is shining for you, have faith. Believe in yourself and spend some time each day visualising that you truly are following that star. By doing this you are creating your reality.
Next, promise yourself that you will devote some time each day to getting on the right path. If this means researching or training, networking and studying, make sure you organise your time to fit this in. Don’t leave your star-following to times when you are tired and dispirited. It needs some prime time in your life.
Make lists of what you need to do and revue these regularly. They are there to guide and remind you, not push you. Sometimes as you follow your star you will find what you want changes as you grow as a person, and you should always listen to inner promptings.
Once a week, re-orientate yourself. How are you doing? Have you gone off track? What plans do you need to make or re-jig, to follow your star? Just reaffirming that you see your star and are committed to it will help.
Finally, always follow serendipity and intuition. Coincidences? – No! - they’re messages! Chance meetings? No way – you were meant to meet these people and listen to what they offer. Once you are on course your star will truly guide you.


Ah, yes you have. Stop telling yourself this. We all have a star and yours is up there. The first step in finding it, is believing in it – and yourself.
What are you good at? When you do something well it’s easy to forget it’s a skill, but it is. You might be a rocket scientist or a road-sweeper, you might be a hospital consultant or a cake-maker. It doesn’t matter. Don’t judge yourself because none of us can see the full picture of the good we do on earth. Just be aware of what you can do, and do more of it.
Next, remind yourself of what you enjoy. When you follow your star, for the most part you enjoy your life. Following your star doesn’t mean not working hard, but it does mean that what you do often brings you joy.
Resolve to keep your eyes open. At the end of each day, make notes of anything important or interesting. Meditate regularly and try to stay calm, relaxed and open-minded. Keep telling yourself you’re following your star and looking for pointers. Often other people will come up with suggestions. These might seem random, but keep an open mind, because the Cosmos may be telling you something. Remember that you are never too old to follow your star – people have found new vocations in their 80’s and 90’s
And if you fail, go down a blind alley or get lost – well, that’s all part of the quest. Your star will never give up, and neither should you!



We’ve looked at what is a ‘star’ and are you following yours? How to commit more fully to your star and what to do if it seems no star is shining for you. Following your star can light up your life, but maybe you need personal, expert guidance. In that case, the first step in following your star is to contact our team of insightful Readers who will give you the inspiration you need on your quest.



PUBLISHED: 07 May 2018

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