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Are You Depressed?


Of course we all get down at times.  True depression however is a different matter.  This is an illness and needs to be taken seriously. Depression is a very complex condition and despite extensive media discussion, there are several symptoms that aren't always linked to it. These are important, however, and need to be noted.  Be aware of the signs of depression, both in yourself and your friends and family, and do your best to fix things before the condition becomes extreme.



Signs of Depression


1)   Sadness

This is probably the best known pointer for depression. You feel low and full of regrets. There are so many awful things in the world, bad things have happened to you and yours and you just can’t seem to lift your spirits. However, sadness may be a very normal reaction to life events, and only when it is persistent, or out of proportion, does it necessarily point to depression. If you are sad, count the elements in your life that are positive and spend time with encouraging people. Talk about your sorrows but learn to laugh at them too.

2)   Self-Loathing

Hating yourself is a sign of being depressed. This can be a vicious circle, because the worse you feel about yourself the less you feel able to do anything constructive, so the more you despise yourself, etc. Challenge this viewpoint by listing all the good things about you, and making yourself focus on them. You do not deserve this hatred.

3)   No Energy

Nothing seems worthwhile and you can’t summon up enough enthusiasm to get off the couch. Getting out of bed in the morning seems impossible and even the smallest tasks can tire you out. This is because everything seems more of a burden than it actually is. Do your best to keep going, so that even if you do less, you still achieve the basics.

4)   Boredom

You experience a lack of interest and a lack of emotion, feeling disconnected from other people and from life. Even the things you enjoy most can seem a drag. It’s important to examine this. What are you truly fed up with? Don’t run away into working, drinking or a social whirl – instead try to understand what this is telling you about your life. Depression is often a sign of repressed emotions. Could there be something you don’t want to face that’s making you depressed? If so, anything is better than feeling despondent and drained, so identify it and make changes.

5)   Physical Issue

Depression is a ‘mental’ illness, but mind and body are closely linked and if you’re depressed you may well get aches and pains, and also experience a rapid weight change. Depressed people may have sensitive skin, tenderness, muscle pain and stiffness, digestive problems and stomach cramps. Obviously you should get these checked out, but if there’s no physical cause, a psychological one is the culprit. You may also lose weight because you have no appetite, and even forget to eat because you feel low or can’t be bothered. The opposite could also be the case, for some find comfort in eating, which could pile on the pounds very quickly. Enlist helpful friends who can support you in a healthy eating programme and nag you when you don’t eat, so this doesn’t get out of hand.

6)   You can't make decisions

The big life decisions can tax any of us, but when you can’t decide what to wear, what to have for supper, or whether you can even be bothered to answer the doorbell, that’s cause for concern. Remind yourself that any decision is better than no decision and force yourself to get on with it.

7)   Sleep is a problem

Depressed people may find it hard to get to sleep, or find they wake up in the small hours and can’t get back to sleep. The opposite may also be true and if you’re depressed you may find it hard to wake up. Sleep disturbance is an indication of possible depression. Counter this by having a bedtime routine and playing relaxation CDs to help you drop off.

It’s not always easy to accept and deal with tough emotions. That’s one of the many reasons we’re here. We can offer medium readings and psychic readings and our on-line mediums are always there with their insight and wisdom from beyond this world. Getting a reading could enable you to take heart and feel much better. Put in a call today and be reassured and supported.

PUBLISHED: 20 January 2015

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