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Are You An Introvert?


Do you like your own company? Can you often achieve more when you work by yourself? Maybe you get anxious about meeting new people and feel awkward at parties. If so you are probably an introvert.



Abilities of an Introvert

Lots of people think that being an extrovert is better, and even somehow ‘healthier’. Of course, the extroverts would think that way, and they often make the most noise! As an introvert you probably analyse yourself more, and it’s all too easy to come to the conclusion that there’s something not quite right about you. But that’s nonsense. As an introvert you have lots of abilities, so be proud of them!

• Your attention to detail is probably good. You are the one who spots important points that more slapdash people overlook

• You’re able to work without much supervision. In fact you probably far prefer to be left to do your own thing

• You’ve thought about your values in life and commitment is important to you

• Before you give feedback you like time to reflect. This means that what you say often has authority, and is useful

• You can be an excellent leader because you are independent and think things through. Being popular may be less important to you than it is to an extrovert, so you don’t make decisions just to be liked



Making the most of yourself


Extroverts may not understand you, but you can understand them, and be one jump ahead. If you make one or two small changes in your behaviour, you can get them on side and make your life easier.

• Team-work isn’t your favourite, but why not volunteer for one or two group projects, just to show willing? Pick something small and undemanding

• You may not want to join in the chit-chat, but a smile and a friendly comment will work wonders

• Show concern for your friends and colleagues. You may prefer to be left alone, but many people truly blossom if you ask them how they’re doing

• Go to parties, however hard you find it. You don’t have to stay long. Show your face, be pleasant and chat to one or two people. Most folk are only too pleased to talk about themselves – one or two questions and you’ve cracked it!

• Make sure you get a hearing. Extroverts shout loudest and push themselves because they need feedback from others to make them feel ‘real’. You don’t need that, but you do want to get ahead in life. Think clearly about what it is you want to push, and make a plan. Sometimes you can achieve this by writing, or email, but if you have to make your point by speaking, rest assured your few well-chosen words will have authority.

Feeling happy with yourself isn’t easy. Sometimes all the strategies don’t seem to work, or only work for a while. That’s one of the many reasons we¹re here. We can offer medium readings and psychic readings and our on-line mediums are always there with their insight and wisdom from beyond this world. Getting a reading could enable you to become more cheerful and positive, able to take life in your stride. Put in a call today and be encouraged and supported.


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