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Find Inner Peace In Six Steps


Learn To Stand Up For Yourself


Ten Positive Affirmations For the Season of Growing Darkness


Career Crossroads? Five Questions To Clarify Your Goals


Five Steps To Cope With Burnout


I Worry Too Much


Are You Following Your Star?


How To Get In The Habit Of Meditating


Smile Power


6 Habits To Start Your Day Off Right


Ten Lessons To Learn From Children


Contact Your Higher Self


Healthy Mind - Healthy Body


Five Ways Volunteering Makes You Happy


Sticking To Your Resolutions


Set Boundaries


How Reading Work Over The Phone!


5 Behaviours Which Lead To Success and Joy


Tips to Stop Comparing Yourself


Seasonal Shifts


Stop Negative Thinking


Celebrate November 5th


Listen To Your Inner Voice


Happy 20th Birthday from The Circle!


Use Stress To Your Advantage


Make A Difference


Face Your Fears Day


Pursue Your Passion


Redirect Negative Thoughts


Boost Your Happiness


Positive Thinking Day


Traditional Communication


Comparing Yourself


Be In The Moment




Accepting Abundance


Power of Words


Essential Oils


Walk On Your Wild Side


Overcoming Hoarding


Reinspire Creativity


International Womens Day


Crossing Fingers


Work Life Balance


Dreams Come True


Letting Go


Be Authentic


Trust The Universe


Embrace Your Intuition


Take Charge


Xmas Event




How To Increase Your Willpower


Heart Chakra


Celebrate Halloween 2016


Gut Instinct


What is an Affirmation?


Archangel Uriel


Archangel Michael


Celebrate August Bank Holiday 2016


Root Chakra


Visiting Sacred Sites


Crown Chakra


Archangel Raphael


Sacral Chakra


Chakra Balancing


Celebrate the Queens official Birthday


Solar Plexus Chakra


Father's Day June 19th


Archangel Gabriel


The Root Chakra


Arbor Day


Celebrate Whitsun


How To Be More Confident


Nostradamus Predictions


May Day 2016


How to Deal with Stress


Celebrate the Spring Equinox


International Laughter Day


Guilty Pleasures


April Fool's Day


International Women's Day


The Deep Meanings of Easter


Celebrate Imbolc


Complementary Therapies


Healing Crystals


Shrove Tuesday


Practising Mindfulness


Frankinsence Essential Oil


Individual Development Plan


Witch Way Now?


The Pureness of the Peridot Crystal


New Year's Resolutions


Types of Meditation


Coping With The Aftermath of Christmas


World Kindness Day


Imperial Topaz November


Bodhi Day


The Power of the Sun


The Meaning of Halloween


Trying Something New


Crystals that Help With Loss


August - Feasts, Fest and Festivals


Calender of colour - August Yellow


Sapphires of September


Flower Sentience


Calendar of Colour - Orange


Spirit in the City / Urban Spirits


Trying Something New


Pureness of the Peridot crystal


Power of the Sun, get back to nature


Celebrate August bank Holiday




Trying Something new


Calender of Colour - August Yellow


Family sun in the fun


July Calendar of Colour - Indigo


Be Kind and Feel Great


July’s Crystal – Radiant Ruby


Insightful Steps to Personal Growth


Managing your Anger


Celebrate Independence Day USA 4th July


Seven Ways to stay Youthful


Celebrate The Midsummer Solstice June 21st


Midsummer Fairies


Overcoming Your Quarter Century Blues


Celebrate British Flowers Week – The language of Flowers


How To Have a Happy & Meaningful Life


Midsummer Solstice


Five Tips to bring Balance to your Life


Five Friendships To Unload From Your Life


Ten Strategies To Bust Stress


May Election


Become an Optimist In Seven Steps


Moving House, Making Change


Are you an Introvert? That’s a Good Thing!


Are You A Hoarder? – Deal With It!


The Meanings of Easter (Celebrate Easter)


The Meanings of Lent


Spring Clean your Life


Coping with Panic Attacks


Five Ways your Thoughts Affect your Health


Seven Ways to Relieve Stress Now!


Let go of Winter and let Spring in


Coping with Anxiety


Are you playing Happy Families? (7 Pointers to a Happy Family)


How to boost your success (5 Lessons about Success)


The Benefits and Blessings of Giving


How does technology affect your social life


Five Bad Feelings That Are Actually Good For You


Are You Depressed? – seven signs and what to do about them.


Five Steps to Personal Growth


Five Ways to Have a Great Weekend


Meanings of your power animal - List of animals and their gifts/powers


Making and keeping your new year's resolutions


Feel re-born at the Winter Solstice


What the 12 days of Xmas mean


Seven Rituals to Start Your Day Right


Palmistry - Interpret your hand and finger Shapes


Seven Ways to Feel Happy TODAY!


Shamanism - Finding Your Power Animal


Five Harsh Facts that Toughen you up


Are you Spiritually Enlightened?


Banish that bad Mood in 7 Easy Steps


Your Introduction to Palmistry


Thriving Without Support


Seven Strategies to Reduce Stress


Manage Your Weight by Mind-Power


How Do I Cope with Retirement


Reach Out When You're Depressed


10 Steps to a More Spiritual Festive Season


5 Top Tips for Finding Work after Career Disappointment


Calling All Angels! – Invent your Angelic life Path


Conquering Your Fear of Failure and Finding Success


Dealing With Financial Issues


Fairytale Weddings on a Shoestring Budget: Top Tips


5 Ways to Make 2013 Your Ultimate Summer of Love


Get Motivated Today: 4 Self-Confidence Tricks for You


How to stop worrying and start Living


How to Find and Land the Ultimate Job of Your Dreams


Learn how to de-stress.


New Year Resolutions 2014


The gift of positivity


Spring Clean Your Life - A new you in the making


Spruce up your Home; Spruce up your Life, with Feng Shui


Take Control of your Destiny; What Might 2014 Hold for You?


The Year of the Royal Baby: Best Baby Names for 2013


Turn Your Life Around: Fresh Starts in New Places


Celebrate Candlemas


Christmas Karma: The Ghost of Past, Present and the Future


Combatting Loneliness


Discover The Festival of New Starts


Embrace Your Dark Side


Finding your authentic path, following your passion and weaving it into your life


Five Bad Habits to Shed


5 Tips to maximise your creativity


Five Ways to Awaken Your Intuition


Five Ways to Love Your Job


Give your New Year's resolutions a Solid Foundation


Reflecting, giving yourself space and time to absorb big changes


Retirement: The Golden Years and the fun to be had within


Handling money and flowing a healthy financial energy throughout your life


How to make new friends


Articles on Life & Destiny


Key steps to break through that glass ceiling


Liar Liar Liar Pants on Fire


Making A Fresh Start In Your New Home


Meditations for the longest night


Plan ahead for your own financial freedom


Do you feel ready to reinvent yourself?


Struggling with Life


How to talk to people in spirit


The New Beginning: Change your destiny this Christmas


Dream Guide : What the experts had to say about dreams (INFOGRAPHIC)


Understanding and Finding your Spirituality


What does your dream mean


How to be a witchy woman?


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