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Archangel Michael



Archangel Michael is a loving angel who brings strength and calm when you are distressed.
He offers unconditional love and guidance to anyone who needs him and assists 
you to cut ties with those who are emotionally draining.



Archangel Michael is believed to be the Angel of Protection. He will protect your physical, mental and emotional body with a shield of white light, making you feel safe in the knowledge that no harm can come to you. Archangel Michael has a mighty sword which is able to cut the ties of negative people or situations which may be draining your energy. Also known as ‘The Prince of Light’, Archangel Michael is a large warrior angel, bringing courage, banishing fear and often guiding those who are fighting a battle. He interferes for those who are going through difficulties in situations with relationships, in family feuds or when an emotional issue is restricting that person from continuing with their life’s purpose. Archangel Michael is a loving angel who brings strength and calm when you are distressed. He offers unconditional love and guidance to anyone who needs him.



One of Archangel Michael’s main intentions is to ‘free’ you from negative energy that may be blocking you from living a happy life. Whether this a damaging love relationship or an issue with a family member, Michael will recognise that the energy that is being created from this situation is not serving you well. Releasing yourself from such negative people in your life can be a very difficult and long drawn out process that takes courage, willpower, confidence and support from others. The emotional hurts that we go through can be so deep rooted that it can not only have such an effect on our current life but also can have a negative impact on our future. Cutting ties with a family member does not necessarily mean you will have no relationship, just simply that the draining elements of the relationship will stop affecting you.




Archangel Michael can use his sword to cut you free from harmful people that are draining your energy! He stands tall and strong with his sword raised, ready to sever the invisible ties that still bind you together. These ties are cords of energy, also known as ‘etheric cords’. In healthy and happy relationships, the cords act as an energetic thread that connects us to each other. They assist in giving us the ability to psychically transmit with others and to be strongly attracted in a mental, physical and sexual way.




A Warrior Angel
Protects and gives courage
Cuts negative ties
Cleanses energy of places
Life coach – inspires and motivates
Brings strength and calm

Archangel Michael cannot interfere with a situation or assist you unless you ask for his help…




When we need to move on from a relationship and let someone go, the cords can still be firmly joined. Archangel Michael has the strength to cut you free and to break the ties that emotionally bind you together. It is important to know that Archangel Michael cannot interfere with a situation or assist you unless you ask for his help. In a spiritual sense, you are ‘invoking’ or calling upon him to help you. If you are in this situation, all you need to do is say, ‘Archangel Michael, I invoke you to please help me cut the ties and to be free from the negative energy that I have with this person. Thank you for helping me’.




Many of us may be living or working in situations where outside influence creates negative energy around us. Everyone easily absorbs this energy which unfortunately can impact our frame of mind and sometimes can eventually affect our health depending on the situation. Archangel Michael not only cuts free negative ties, but he can protect you from a place, an atmosphere or a situation. If you knew you were going to be somewhere where there is negative energy, simply ask beforehand, ‘Archangel Michael, I invoke you to please protect me from any negative energy and to cleanse the atmosphere of this place. Thank you for helping me’. Have you connected with the angels? Get guidance on angels, how to invoke them and make them a part of your daily life at TheCircle. Many of our gifted psychics are experts in angel readings, giving you insight and guidance for your future. PUBLISHED: 13 JANUARY 2016

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