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The Healing Powers of Archangel Gabriel


Invoke Archangel Gabriel to help you with communication, ask for protection and find out the Archangel Gabriel meaning in the angelic realm.


St Gabriel is one of the only two angels mentioned by name in the bible. The Archangel Gabriel meaning literally translates as ‘God is my strength’. Believed to be a perfect balance of masculine power and feminine nurturing, Archangel Gabriel is often referred to as female or male, but many believe that angels have no gender. Gabriel is thought to be a messenger of God and is regarded as the strongest and most powerful angel in the angelic realm. Gabriel is the angel that works the closest with mankind, making him the patron saint of communication workers. He is the angel of strength and protection and awaits to help you with communicating, especially with children, parents, teachers, family and friends.
Archangel Gabriel has an unlimited power, meaning he can help anyone who needs him at the same time




Archangels are more powerful and exist on a higher vibrational level than guardian angels. They oversee and manage our guardian angels. Everybody has a guardian angel but not everyone has an archangel with them. However, we all have the ability to call upon the help from an archangel, all we have to do is ask. St Gabriel the archangel and other archangels can work closely with people, especially if that person’s life path is aligned with the qualities and purpose of the archangel. You do not have to be special to have an archangel by your side, you simply just have to have a life quest that needs that archangel’s support.





Archangel Gabriel has an unlimited power, meaning he can help anyone who needs him at the same time. He can help in the follow ways among others:

WORKS WITH CHILDREN – Archangel Gabriel assists with conception, pregnancies and birth. The wellbeing and happiness in children is important to him. He especially helps sensitive children, mentoring parents, teachers and counsellors to help a child.

ENCOURAGES YOUR PASSION – Archangel Gabriel supports us to work in our chosen careers, to find our passion and he gently encourages us to follow in our dreams.

GIVES US STRENGTH & PROTECTION – Archangel Gabriel gives us strength when we feel weak, emotional or vulnerable. He helps us to protect ourselves from negativity and encourages us to feel stronger in situations when needed.

COMMUNICATION – The Archangel Gabriel symbol denotes communication, and he assists us in finding ways to communicate with others, especially if there is something which needs to be finalised, discussed or if highly charged emotions are involved.




Anyone can say an Archangel Gabriel prayer to help them. It is believed that angels are always waiting close by to help, but they always need permission from us before they can assist. There are many prayers that have been written to guide people on how to ask for angelic help, but a simple prayer in your own words is just as effective. As with every angel prayer, always start the Archangel Gabriel prayer with ‘please’ and always end it with ‘thank you’ and add as many specifics that you need to mention. If you need help on something within a particular timeframe, then it is important for the angels to know this. An example is:
“Dear Archangel Gabriel, please help me to communicate better with my children / partner / mother – so that we can talk openly about our feelings in a loving way, and understand each other’s point of view. We need to make a decision on an important subject (name subject) by (name date) so I would really appreciate your help. Please give us strength and protection during this time. Thank you”.




The Archangel Gabriel prayer is always powerful. He hears it as you say it and starts working closely with you and your guardian angel straightaway to help you resolve a situation. You will know when St Gabriel the Archangel is around you and there may be several signs, such as you keep reading or hearing the name Gabriel, you see the Archangel Gabriel symbol of a trumpet, bugle or horn, you have a strong desire to help children, you have a sudden creative flair to write or perform, you have sudden thoughts about Archangel Gabriel or see flashes of copper or orange (same colour as the Archangel Gabriel symbol of a trumpet). You may also just simply feel his presence.





To find out how to connect with Archangel Gabriel or the angels, speak to our gifted Angel readers at TheCircle. Trust that Archangel Gabriel is there when you need him. All you need to do is ask.




PUBLISHED: 12 May 2016

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