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Discover the Meaning of the March Birthstone


The March birthstone Aquamarine, a blue-coloured variety of the mineral known as beryl. At locations around the world where ordinary beryl can be found, aquamarine is nearly always present. Throughout the centuries, humans have coveted all types of beryl including aquamarine and emeralds. In ancient Roman times, it was thought that aquamarine provided an energy boost and offered protection to sailors during their time at sea.


The word aquamarine comes from the Latin aqua marina meaning “sea water,” hence the sailing connection adopted by the ocean-going Romans. The deepest blue-coloured stones have always been the most prized due to their rarity. These stones are still the most expensive to buy today.


Although they are sometimes referred to as a “poor man’s diamond,” this description underplays both the rarity and beauty of these amazing stones. Like other beryl stones such as the emerald, aquamarine gemstones are highly desirable both in natural hexagonal crystal form, and when cut and mounted in jewellery.


Depending on their date of birth, those born under the horoscopes signs of Pisces and Aries may have aquamarine as their birthstone. Another stone that represents the March period is the bloodstone.


Where Does the Aquamarine Gemstone Come From?


The March aquamarine stones can be found at many locations around the world. In Brazil, stones known as chrysolite aquamarine are found but these tend to be more green-yellow in colour. The deepest blue stones, known as maxixe, are most common in Madagascar. The blue colour has a tendency to fade when exposed to sunlight or high temperatures. The colour can be re-established through irradiation treatment.


Other countries where the March birthstone can be found include Sri Lanka, USA, Colombia, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania and Kenya. The stones are naturally occurring and can form as hexagonal crystals up to several meters in size which are attached to rocks. Rarer, double terminated crystals are formed within clay and are highly sought after by collectors.


The March Birthstone Colour


The March birthstone colour is usually cyan or blue, but green-yellow forms of aquamarine can also be found in the March stone. The blue colour can be attributed to the presence of iron. The separate iron compounds produce a golden yellow colour, but when combined, a blue colour is produced.


The presence of two iron compounds in maxixe aquamarine allows the colour to be altered through irradiation. High energy particles such as gamma rays and neutrons can be used to produce green, pink or yellow stones.


March Birthstone Origins


It has been suggested that Aquamarine has been prized as a gemstone since prehistoric times but the first recorded use came in Greece around 500 years BC. The Greeks wore aquamarine jewels that were carved with the image of Poseidon, the Greek sea god. In ancient Greek mythology, aquamarine stones were said to have washed ashore after being spilt from the receptacles of sea sirens.


The Romans believed aquamarines to be the sacred stones of their own sea god, Neptune. Sailors would wear them to protect them from the threat of sea creatures and to ensure their voyages were prosperous. This gave the aquamarine gemstone meaning beyond the aesthetic.


The mystical properties of gemstones are not reserved for ancient cultures. Magical stones such as aquamarine often appear in modern works of fiction and cinema as prized artefacts coveted by the protagonists.


The Meaning of the March Stone


There are many historical factors which give the aquamarine gemstone meaning to those born under it. As well as protecting them from the perils of the oceans, the Romans also believed aquamarine crystals possessed healing powers. The medicinal properties of the March stone were thought to cure illnesses related to the stomach, liver and throat.


This belief in the healing power of the stones continued into the Middle Ages when aquamarines were used as an antidote to poison. Fortune tellers also used the stones to look into the future and make predictions.


The relation to the sea means those born under the March birthstone possess a calmness and serenity as deep as the ocean. But, like the ocean, they cannot be overcome or moved from their position.


This powerful but tranquil stone enables those born during the birth stone March period to remain relaxed under pressure, to make clear decisions and to rarely lose their temper, but like the ocean, they are capable of displaying their authority.


For married couples, it is traditional to give aquamarine on the nineteenth wedding anniversary. It can be used in many different types of jewellery and it can be easily combined with other stones and metals.


The stone features as a symbol in Tarot and is commonly used in meditation. The aquamarine birthstone is thought to aid inner well-being bringing peace and spiritual balance to those who use it. If you are going through a period of great disruption and feel your life has been thrown out of balance, the aquamarine birthstone can help to restore some harmony.


The relatively neutral appearance of the stone means it can be worn by almost anyone. It matches well with different skin tones and eye colours, and is compatible with all manner of clothing. Actress Vivien Leigh famously wore a Van Cleef & Arpels aquamarine pendant when she collected her Oscar for Gone with the Wind.


March Birthstone: What Have We Learned?


Now we have discovered what is the birthstone for March, what have we learned? The aquamarine birthstone harnesses the power and majesty of the ocean in a single stone. Those born under March gemstone horoscope signs will feel a special affinity to this immaculate gemstone. They will feel protected, powerful yet calm. Those not born during the March birthstone period can also benefit from the soothing influences that wearing or holding the March gemstone can bring.



Published: April 1, 2019

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