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Aquamarine Meaning and Properties


The green-blue aquamarine crystal is the ideal stone for sensitive people as the stone of courage – its soothing effects reduce stress while quieting the mind. The aquamarine stone is also known to protect all who travel on or over the water, and opens channels of communication. Aquamarine is the March birthstone and belongs to those with Pisces and Aries as their sign, depending on when their birthday is. Those who are born in March have a sense of being protected as well as being powerful and calm.



Aquamarine Meaning


Aquamarine can be separated in two to decode its meaning. Aqua is the Latin word for water and marine is the word for sea. These two words are the reason that aquamarine is linked to the ocean – along with its colour that is very fitting as well. It is said that aquamarine was the treasure of mermaids and for that reason, sailors used it as a good luck charm to protect them and take away their fear. Furthermore, because of its water properties, the aquamarine crystal is a stone that works to clear and cleanse the water within our bodies. By connecting us with water, aquamarine works at removing emotional toxicity while encouraging inner peace.


The aquamarine stone is found primarily in Brazil but it can also be found in Russia, Kenya, Madagascar and in the United States. If any of these places are significant or important to you, it would be wise to choose an aquamarine crystal that originates from this destination – this will yield a more powerful stone that will be able to help you significantly more than one you chose at random from your local shop. The reason behind this is that the aquamarine stone has a great emotional and spiritual impact, which can only be made stronger through a personal connection with the origin of the stone.



Aquamarine Healing Properties


The aquamarine crystal has an abundance of healing properties depending on its bearer. Take Jonathan for example, a young teacher, who was finding that while he knew all of the material he needed to teach, when it came to sharing it with his students, his confidence melted away and his great lesson plans were lost. After witnessing his partner’s transformation through the use of crystals, he sought the help of a Reader. The Reader recommended the use of the aquamarine crystal to Jonathan, due to the fact that it has relaxing properties, which allows people to articulate themselves clearly and speak with conviction. Another beneficial property is its property to encourage its user to speak clearly in difficult situations without anger, which as a teacher is a necessary skill to have. 


Further healing properties of the aquamarine gem, known as a stone of natural justice, are its ability to provide courage and clear reasoning when dealing with confrontation and encouraging compromise and negotiation. To use the powers, pass the stone over any documents of conflict before sending them out or where it when going into a confrontational situation.


Aquamarine is also a travel crystal, protecting those travelling by water but also those partaking in long-distance travel by plane or car. Finally, in terms of love, the aquamarine crystal is one that encourages a lover to come back. It can help opposites live in harmony and reduce reasons to fight and when given as a token of love, can increase commitment and fidelity.


When it comes to spiritual energy, the aquamarine stone has two properties:

  • The aquamarine stone is a stone of empowerment, helping men and women realize that not all power comes with force
  • It can be used as an entrance to the divine feminine

In terms of healing and balancing energy, aquamarine is known for being the most powerful stone for activating the Throat Chakra. This allows ones most intimate truths to be revealed. When the Throat Chakra is balanced properly, all of our beliefs, ideas and emotions can be communicated but if it's unbalanced, other chakras will, in turn, be affected.


Other Uses of Aquamarine


Not only is aquamarine great as a crystal for all of its healing properties, but it is also beneficial to the Readers, who recommend it as the stone is known for strengthening psychic abilities. It helps with establishing deeper meditative states, getting in tune with your inner wisdom and is a source of power. Furthermore, the aquamarine crystal is great for awakening paranormal activities and inducing revelations.


Whether you are a jet setter or a teacher like Jonathan, aquamarine has a wide range of beneficial healing properties. It soothes all those who use it and brings with it positive energy. If you are someone who connects with the water, there is no better crystal than one that represents the sea in its physical appearance as well as spiritually.


Published: 23 April 2019

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