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Amethyst Crystal Meaning and Properties


The amethyst crystal is a protective stone that is known for its stress-relieving qualities. On top of being one of the more popular crystals, the amethyst stone is the February birthstone, and therefore, those born in February are able to think intelligently and bravely. Swayed by the amethyst stone, people born in February are also great dreamers and creative.



Amethyst Crystal Meaning


The amethyst crystal originates from the Greeks and is linked to Dionysius, the Greek god of intoxication. It is aptly connected to him, as among the many amethyst properties, the gem is recognised for its ability to prevent drunkenness. Additionally, the amethyst stone encourages mental clarity and aids in restraining addictive behaviour.


Another amethyst meaning in relation to the Greeks is the stone's connection to the Greek word amyethystos, which means ‘not intoxicated'.  For medieval soldiers, the amethyst stone was meant to protect them during battle, as the amethyst stone was known for its healing powers. Finally, in Tibet, the amethyst is a sacred stone used to produce prayer beads.


Amethyst Crystal Healing Properties


Emma, a high-level executive in the corporate world, was searching for something that would help with her day-to-day stresses at the office, which is why she sought the guidance of a Reader. Her Reader explained that the answer to her troubles was the amethyst crystal. She explained that the amethyst crystal is meant to purify the mind, reduce stress and anxiety – all things that would be beneficial for Emma. Finally, her reader explained that just being in the same room as the amethyst stone would help aid in relaxation and intuition – with that, Emma knew that the amethyst crystal was right for her.


It is clear to see that the amethyst crystal has an abundance of healing properties, but it is also known as a protective stone. Among the amethyst's properties are its help in purifying the mind and clearing negative thoughts. The amethyst crystal's healing properties are so great that they can be divided into three categories: spiritual healing, physical healing and emotional healing.


The amethyst stone is prominently used in spiritual healing, due greatly to its ability to keep a person calm and of clear mind. Here are several ways the amethyst stone is used for spiritual healing in different parts of the world:

  • Amethyst rosary beads and prayer beads are used to open the person's mind and give them a better connection to the divine.
  • In Egyptian burial, amethyst stones in the shape of a heart assisted the deceased in their spiritual passage.
  • Brandberg amethyst gems are known as spiritual stones and found in Nambia, Africa, on a sacred site for the San tribe. The stone has the spiritual powers to restore the soul and facilitate its alignment with the divine.

The amethyst stone is known for its calming properties, therefore, it’s fitting that it has a number of properties when it comes to emotional healing:

  • The amethyst stone is beneficial in negotiation, delivering a calm and even temperament to its wearer.
  • Placing an amethyst stone under your pillow or rubbing it on your forehead is said to alleviate sleeplessness and increase good dreams while reducing the bad ones.


Other Uses of the Amethyst Crystal


Another use for the amethyst is through meditation, since the purple of the amethyst stimulates the highest vibrations from the third eye. The amethyst stone clears the mind, which enables it to keep its user calm throughout the meditation process.  


Interestingly, where you place an amethyst crystal in your home can have different effects. For example, an amethyst stone in the bathroom helps to relieve anxiety when one is taking a bath, while an amethyst stone in the office provides intuition that helps with decision-making and provides stress-relief throughout long working days. Another suitable place for an amethyst stone is in the family room, where it can assist with open communication and bonding.


It's not hard to see why the amethyst is viewed as one of the most revered stones in the world. Not only does it protect its owner, it provides them with a life that has less stress and anxiety – while also purifying their mind of negative thoughts. As it provided the help Emma needed to thrive in the corporate world, the amethyst crystal has the power to protect and help a multitude of people. All it takes is believing in the amethyst crystal healing power and you too can be on your way to an enhanced life.


Published: 23 April 2019

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