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Turn Your Life Around: Fresh Starts In New Places


If you fancy a new challenge or want to inject some adventure into your life, sometimes moving to a new place can be the best possible solution. Relocating is a major life change and you have to give some serious thought to how you’ll feel about leaving friends and family behind. It’s a big step and not a decision to enter into lightly, but many people find that making the shift can be one of the best decisions they ever made.


When it comes to relocation, obviously the first choice you need to make is where you want to move to. For many, the lure of another country is strong. Where exactly you move to depends of course on what it is you’re looking to get out of your move.


For many people, relocating to another part of the UK can be enough to make a serious change to their career prospects and quality of life. Professionals in search of career advancement may opt to move to London in search of job opportunities. If you are a retiree and are lucky enough to have some flexibility in your relocation, you may consider moving to a quiet rural town or a house by the seaside. Although relocating can be more difficult if you have a young family, many families choose to relocate to pursue a business venture such as running a B&B or a restaurant.


For people with few commitments who are looking to move a little further afield, Spain is close and relatively easy to relocate to, hence the large number of British expats who choose to live there. Australia is another popular option but, of course, much further away. If you are considering a permanent move to the Land Down Under then you’ll need to either have a skilled, transferable career or have work lined up over there. The other option is to get a temporary job in the hope that you will eventually be sponsored by that company to stay permanently.


Perhaps you already work for an international company, in which case you may be able to negotiate relocation to another country where your company is based. This can remove some of the worry about having to find a new job when you move and allow you a little more stability.

Increasingly popular for people looking to relocate abroad are teaching jobs in countries such as China and South Korea. The pay is relatively good as the cost of living is so low, and the work is generally very rewarding. You don’t have to speak Chinese or Korean to teach in these countries either; the fact that you teach in English is what they’re looking for.


Any relocation requires a great deal of thought and many hours of research. If you have your heart set on moving away, it can be tempting to rush into a decision, but it’s important to take your time and think about the ideal location for you. Work opportunities, finding a place to live, the financial implications of moving and the impact on your friends and family are all important points to consider when embarking on your relocation dream.


Some people have a strong spiritual pull towards a particular location. If this sounds like you then you may wish to seek spiritual guidance in the form of a Tarot reading in order to gain some clarity during the decision making process.

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