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The Year of the Royal Baby: Best Baby Names for 2013


In the weeks leading up to the Royal birth, speculation was rife as to what the royal tot would be called when he/she finally made their appearance into the world, with bets being placed on Alexandra as the number one favourite for a baby girl and James as a strong contender for a baby boy. As it turned out, Wills and Kate decided to name their baby boy George, a name which many people praised for being strong and traditional.  No doubt the name will immediately shoot up the charts in the popularity name-stakes! But what other baby names are hot news in 2013?


With the current popularity for all things vintage, from cupcakes to hairstyles, it’s no surprise that the most popular girls’ baby names of 2013 also reflect this vintage vibe. With Ava and Eva both in the top ten for UK girls’ baby names in 2013, the current crop of baby girls’ names has a distinctly old fashioned feel to it. Ava tops the charts at number one, with Freya, Ella and Imogen taking up the rest of the top 5. Grace and Scarlett are also in there, giving the list a bit of a classic Hollywood feel.

The top ten boys’ names for 2013 has some equally traditional names featured, with the number one name, Noah, dating right back to biblical times – you don’t get much more traditional than that! Oscar and Oliver are at number two and three respectively, with Isaac and Jacob taking up third and fourth places in the list. And there’s already a Royal feel to this particular top ten, with Harry sneaking into the list at number ten. William doesn’t get a look in until number 13 (unlucky for some) and poor Kate doesn’t even make it into the top 40 for girls’ names at all.

Of course, choosing a baby name is an extremely personal decision. Some parents don’t decide on a name for their baby until after they are born whereas others have very set ideas on what they want their child to be called. For many parents, popularity tables don’t come into it. Some find inspiration in the name of a cherished relative or a song which has particular meaning for them. More parents are also looking towards more spiritual ways of choosing a baby name. Methods such as psychic and angel readings are becoming more popular as a way of gaining insight into important life choices.

Every parent, including the royal couple, has their own way of choosing a baby name. It’s an important decision and not one to be rushed. Whatever your baby name preferences, remember that the name will stay with your little one for the rest of their life, so it’s important to get it right!

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