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Learning when to switch off!


Most of us have pressurised, stressful lives. It feels as if our heads are stuck in the spin cycle of the washing machine. We seem to have no time to stand and stare. Nobody can escape from the pressures of their career. Mobile phones and laptops have become part of our anatomy.


Our brains become frazzled, our bodies absorb negative energy and we become a screaming wreck. A short burst of pressure is character building; prolonged bouts can cause mental and physical damage. Stress levels should be minimized so that we can function more effectively. If we learn how to make time and space for ourselves not only will we feel better, we will live longer and have a healthier and more satisfying life. Chilling out for a few minutes a day allows our brain to descramble, we make space for creativity and manifestation.


Holidays can have a really positive effect on your overall wellbeing. Being in beautiful surroundings, enjoying new experiences should produce that wonderful sense of wellbeing. Better than any medicine, it can relax and energise.


Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by taking your work on holiday! If you don’t learn how to chill before your hard earned break you may as well burn your money on a bonfire. Over stressed people are more likely to fall ill on holiday. Why? They go from super stressed to chilled too fast, too soon. To get the best from your well earned holiday prepare these relaxation techniques a few weeks before departure.



Top de-stressing tips before your holiday:


  • Start your day with three deep breaths. As you breathe in, visualize the oxygen clearing worry and stress from your mind. Consciously relax every muscle in your body.
  • Run your ideal day through your mind so that you are creating your own destiny.
  • Monitor how stressed your body feels throughout the day.
  • Breathe in relaxation and visualize flowing healing energy to tense areas.
  • Make at least 10 minutes of “you time”.
  • Visualise your favourite place and believe you are really there. Breathe deeply.Your mind will think you are experiencing a daily holiday.

Other stress busters include laughing and smiling; listening to classical or relaxing music. Sex and cuddling raise those happy hormones, so please feel free to indulge in these activities!


Now you really are chilling!


Psychics and clairvoyants can tune into your personal energy and identify problem areas that can cause that frazzled feeling. So why not give our talented readers a call today to get rid of those stress gremlins? It will take the weight from your shoulders and give you that all important YOU time.


Start that holiday feeling with an uplifting reading today!

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