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Get Motivated Today: 4 Self-Confidence Tricks for You


Self-confidence can seem so elusive if we’re not naturally confident, extroverted people. And when we’re feeling low and down in the dumps, motivating ourselves can be the last thing we feel capable of doing. It may take time, but confidence is something which can be leant. Taking these simple steps can get you well on the way to achieving the confidence and happiness you deserve.



Start loving yourself


If you’re constantly putting yourself down, telling yourself you look ugly or fat, or that you’re stupid or useless, you’ll start to believe it. Some people find it helpful to stand in front of the mirror every day and repeat positive affirmations to themselves.  You may find it comforting to think of someone who loves and adores you and step into their shoes. Imagine seeing yourself with the adoration that they feel for you.


Self-help and alternative help


If you feel you need a little outside help, then self-help books can be ideal for anyone looking to feel more confident and motivated, without needing to enlist the help of a counsellor or doctor. You may also wish to seek an alternative form of help such as psychic readings. A psychic professional can give you some insight into the difficulties you are facing and enable you to gain a fresh perspective on your life. Often just the process of talking to someone about your problems can be very therapeutic.


Keeping busy


No one got more motivated by sitting in front of the TV in their pants all day. Take up a new hobby, join an evening class, get a volunteering job helping others less fortunate and you’ll soon start to feel better about yourself. Not only does having things to do on certain days and at certain times give your day structure and purpose, it opens the door to potential new friends, new jobs and a whole host of other possibilities too.


Staying healthy


A healthy diet and exercise is key to feeling self-confident. If you eat well it will give you energy and get-up-and-go, allowing you to exercise which in turn releases endorphins to make you feel good. You could do an aqua aerobics class or join a running club; it doesn’t have to involve competitive sports if you’re not that kind of person, but choosing an exercise that also has a social element to it is a good idea.

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