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Dealing with Financial Issues


We all have things that worry us and for most people a major concern is money, or lack of it!  You just have to watch the television, listen to the radio, or read a newspaper to be reminded about how tough things have become in the world today.  Many of you will be facing redundancy, no salary increase or no available work.  Couple this with a rising cost of living and the pressure is on.

Many of us feel that if we worry about something, like lack of work or money, then all will be well.  It will work out somehow.  Worry will see us through.  If we pause for a moment and think about it, worry simply feeds yet more worry.  Worry alone creates nothing but more worry, which leads to fatigue, fear and anxiety.  A nasty self-defeating cycle.


Money - A Form of Energy


All elements of life have an energy and money is a form of energy.  If you visualise your finances as a battery, then the way you think about, handle and create money are the leads going into your battery.  If we worry and fret about money we are sending a negative charge of lack to our battery.  If we take worry out of our thinking, seek out different ways of handling money and are open to new opportunities, then we send positive charges to our battery.


Practical solutions help us to cope and getting creative with our spending.  We all know how to cut costs, hunt for bargains and make do, but there are new ways springing up all the time to help our money stretch further.  There are food exchanges starting in many places now, where homemade food products and fresh fruit and vegetables can be exchanged for other produce.  Bartering of skills and time is becoming more widespread.  Car pooling and lift sharing is back in vogue.  These are just a few things to help us all cope.


There may be no jobs available for the work that you used to do, but you have skills and talents that sometimes remain un-tapped or forgotten.  Often we define ourselves by what we do, when we are more than capable of doing something else.  Fear of change holds us fast in fear.  Change brings in new opportunities.


The important thing to remember is that you are not alone.


Pride and fear of ridicule stop us from discussing financial difficulties outside of our homes.  We all want to be seen as ‘coping’.  Talking about things is a very natural way of coping and there are many charitable organisations out there who can help with financial difficulties.  Sharing ideas with family and friends is another way. A psychic can also be invaluable in lifting you and showing a new way forward.  A few words of encouragement and hope are sometimes all that is needed.


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